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Global software company secures cloud services with MobileIron Access 

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A global enterprise software company helps connect employees to the data they require for daily business. As its employees increasingly rely on mobile devices to do their work, it is critical for the company to move fast and keep pace with the velocity of mobile innovation.

The company’s employees have rapidly adopted the use of cloud services on mobile apps such as Salesforce1, Microsoft Office 365, Concur, and Slack in order to stay connected to each other and to the enterprise data they need to make critical business decisions. With this mobile-cloud technology adoption comes a new set of security threats, including the risk of data loss from unsecured devices and unmanaged apps connecting to critical enterprise cloud services.

The company deployed MobileIron Access to secure cloud services while giving employees a secure native mobile experience they require. MobileIron Access ensures only trusted users on trusted devices using trusted apps can access company data. Access also gives the company visibility into how employees access cloud services on mobile devices. In addition, Access delivers an excellent user experience with seamless single sign-on (SSO). Employees are happy, productivity is up, and IT is confident that its Android, iOS, and Windows 10 mobile phones and tablets are secure.

Secure cloud data on mobile apps

Secure access to cloud services on mobile devices is critical for enabling employees to work on the go. With MobileIron Access the company is able to define granular cloud access control policies based on application, IP address, identity, device posture, and other criteria. The granular policy engine, combined with better visibility into compromised devices or unauthorized apps, allows the company to bridge the gap between mobile and cloud security. They gain better insight into how these mobile users are accessing enterprise cloud services while reducing the risk of data loss.

Seamless user experience

Combined with MobileIron’s native app configuration capabilities, MobileIron Access provides a best-in-class mobile app experience for users. At registration, mobile devices are configured with business apps and app configurations such as user account information, server names, and identity certificates. As a result, when employees attempt to connect to cloud services from mobile apps, they benefit from secure, seamless connectivity without being prompted to enter account information, passwords, and other complex settings. MobileIron Access brings this seamless SSO experience to both in-house and native mobile apps.

Collaboration results in successful MobileIron Access deployment

Collaboration and close communication were key to the success of the Access deployment. The company’s IT and Enterprise Applications teams, under the guidance of MobileIron’s Professional Services team, worked together to ensure proper planning, clear policy mapping, and accurate configurations for each cloud service, resulting in a successful and timely rollout.

To ensure employees used managed apps on secured mobile devices, the Enterprise Applications team led the end-user training and communication programs. The team first determined who was accessing company resources through unsecure devices and unmanaged apps. These users were then equipped with a guide for installing the managed versions of company apps via the enterprise app store. This process resulted in a higher rate of managed app adoption and reduced follow-up for the Enterprise Applications team.

Initially, the organization launched Salesforce1 with MobileIron Access to enable its global sales teams and reseller partners to update sales account information on their mobile devices. To ensure the implementation went smoothly, the Enterprise Applications team conducted a user acceptance test with a small group of users. Even with a small user set, the team immediately saw improvements to the mobile enrollment process. The global sales team now has SSO access to Salesforce1, which enables them to securely connect to account and sales data. The organization also has better insight into how users are connecting to Salesforce1.

The company has also deployed MobileIron Access with Concur, which enables employees to submit expense reports remotely, communicate in real-time with Slack, and boost mobile productivity with Office 365.

Now a sales manager who is traveling can revise a presentation using Office 365 PowerPoint on her iPad before walking into a customer meeting. Afterward, she can update the meeting status and details in Salesforce1 and then send a follow-up note to the sales engineer on Slack. The sales manager does not have to enter multiple passwords to access the cloud apps she needs.

Global cloud security delivers IT peace of mind

With MobileIron Access, this global company can now ensure that employees are using managed cloud apps only on authorized devices. This was not possible with the company’s previous username and password approach to cloud security.

Just as important, employee productivity has increased and users are happy to have seamless access to the critical data they need on mobile devices that help them stay connected and make critical business decisions wherever they work.


Software Industry
Key Benefits:
  • Give employees secure access to data through cloud-based apps and services such as Salesforce1, Office 365, Concur, and Slack
  • Enable SSO authentication for uninterrupted cloud applications
  • Improve visibility into app state and user identity
  • Block unauthorized users and unmanaged apps from accessing critical company data
Why Mobileiron:
  • Leading EMM provider integrates with key business apps
  • Only MobileIron Access provides the secure, cloud-based access the company requires
  • Innovative, scalable, and flexible platform
  • Industry-leading mobile and cloud security
  • MobileIron Access allows users to leverage SSO to automatically sign in to any managed application on the device