Snap-on Business Solutions Helps Clients Become Masters of Service with MobileIron Cloud

Industry: Professional services

"Going mobile with MobileIron is all about helping things work better at our clients’ sites. Processes happen seamlessly, and we’re giving our clients far more chances to enhance their customer relationships."

Maria Stewart , Programme-Project Manager, Snap-on Business Solutions

Snap-on Business Solutions (SBS) is a division of Snap-on Incorporated, a leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of tools, equipment, diagnostics, repair information, and systems solutions for professional users performing critical tasks. The company’s products and services include hand and power tools, tool storage, diagnostics software, information and management systems, shop equipment, and other solutions for vehicle dealerships and repair centers, as well as for customers in various industries. Founded in 1920, Snap-on Incorporated is a $3.2 billion, S&P 500 Company headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with regional offices across the globe.

When SBS wanted to help its OEM Customers offer better service to their Dealers, the company launched a mobile device program managed with a MobileIron enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution. By providing Dealers with MobileIron-secured iOS devices, SBS has helped them increase sales opportunities and provide better service while streamlining tedious, time-consuming business processes.

Bringing Customer Service to the Palm of the Hand

Automotive, Agricultural and Motorcycle Manufacturers rely on Snap-on Business Solutions (SBS) to help them reach Dealers and their customers in new ways and sell them the parts and service they need, exactly when they need them. SBS’s Hardware, Sales and Distribution, Support and Warranty Solutions include:

  • Electronic Vehicle Health Check
  • Diagnostics
  • Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC)
  • Retail Solutions

SBS helped to remove the barriers between Dealers and their customers by deploying technology and services at the fingertips of the Dealerships providing all of the tools needed to support the buying market.

Seeking to expand its ability to make original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services available exactly where they’re needed, SBS has embraced the trend towards mobile device usage. SBS knows that technicians, engineers, sales and service advisors can deliver the quality service expected to their customers using tablet devices, within seconds and from the palm of their hand. Dealerships can book appointments, send pictures and videos directly to the customer, complete vehicle health checks, perform diagnostics and even order parts! No more time consuming telephone calls or printed paperwork, which ultimately means increasing their chances of customer satisfaction are far greater.

“We envisioned providing our OEM customers and their Dealerships with a range of suitable tablet devices from which they can use their own or Snap-on provided applications to deliver a range of services to their end customer,” explains Maria Stewart, Programme-Project Manager, Snap-on Business Solutions. “But along with the convenience of every mobile device comes the threat of losing data.”

Realizing that it would need a reliable way of securing the tablet devices it issued to Dealerships, Snap-on looked for a solution that offered OEMs a cost effective global licensing model, whilst providing scalability and the highest level of data security. With their global customer base, Snap-on’s priority was to ensure data protection legislation and security requirements could be met and delivered across the globe, even in regions that had complex legal data requirements and challenges.

SBS began evaluating the leading EMM solutions on the market. With the guidance of its technology consulting partner, Qolcom, SBS chose to do a hosted Cloud implementation of MobileIron.

“With MobileIron, it was more than just the ability to secure devices and data,” recalls Maria. “Our business saw MobileIron as a solution that would enable us to deliver more value to our customers, and to build out a robust mobile app strategy over time, supporting future OEM development.”

Dealerships Use Mobile to Earn Trust of Customers

As SBS works with dealerships and other clients across the globe, the company is constantly looking for ways to help these clients offer a better customer experience at a lower cost. SBS’s clients in the automotive, agricultural and motorcycle industry are especially concerned about presenting an honest, reliable image to their customers. By using SBS’s tablet devices and deployed applications, they can provide customers with value-added services without having to worry about device security.

“SBS recently launched a vehicle health check solution across Europe that allows automotive dealerships to use an iPad device to report to customers a color-coded list of areas examined,” says Maria. “Red items require an immediate fix, while green items are OK. By evidencing the list of issues, immediately via email, the technician can obtain fast approval from the customer to complete repairs while they have the car in the shop. This program allows dealers to show transparency and build credibility with their customers while also increasing revenue and productivity.”

Other solutions run on Panasonic tablet devices allowing Dealers to perform a large range of functionalities, from ordering products to performing OEM specific vehicle diagnostics. Mobile devices are fast assisting within the industry to make life easier for Dealers and SBS is equipped to support the changes in technology.

“Going mobile with MobileIron is all about helping things work better at our clients’ sites,” says Maria. “Previously, Dealer interactions with their customers relied heavily around paperwork. Everything had to be rekeyed into a computer at some point, and if you lost the paperwork, you probably lost a sales opportunity too. Today, processes happen seamlessly, and we’re giving dealerships far more chances to enhance their customer relationships and interactions.”

Better Mobile Program, Better Vendor

As SBS continues to grow its business throughout Europe, the company will rely on MobileIron [email protected] to help it maximize the value it provides to clients. [email protected] enables SBS clients to distribute documents efficiently to their own customers from within SBS deployed apps, covering multiple languages to meet our customers’ needs.

“When OEMs are sending out documents in different languages to dealerships in many different countries, it can be tough to make sure they are distributed at the same time,” explains Maria. “MobileIron [email protected] is much more reliable than email. We can easily see who has received and read documents and can keep OEMs informed, which makes their lives easier.”

SBS supports the dealership of the future in which automobile dealerships can hand customers a secure tablet and let them visualize their car with different accessories or colors. Thanks to MobileIron, these clients will never have to worry about device security as they deploy their iPads.

“Launching our mobile programs on MobileIron has made us a better vendor to our clients,” says Maria. “We are continually expanding our licenses due to the success and increasing usage of the solution. Most of our OEM customers see SBS as a one-stop shop, providing their Dealers with and end-to-end solution.”

SBS’s partnership with Qolcom not only resulted in SBS selecting the best-fit EMM solution for its needs, but also helps the company continue to exceed the expectations of its OEM clients.

"Qolcom have proven to be a reliable and supportive partner over the years,” concludes Maria. “From their extensive knowledge and thought leadership shown during the pre-sales and setup process, to the quality and depth of support. Allowing SBS to shape our projects to deliver cost efficient solutions to our customers, they have been an asset to us. We have found their configuration and deployment services invaluable in deploying a large number of devices at scale, and in managing our break-fix and warranties with our mobile customers."

Key Benefits:
  • Help clients make more sales of products and value-added services
  • Empower technicians and dealerships to build trust with customers by providing detailed auto diagnostics information on mobile devices
  • Help clients eliminate the time-consuming order book process
  • Enable OEMs to distribute documents across countries, securely and simultaneously
Why Mobileiron:
  • Recommendation of technology partner Qolcom
  • Ability to go live on a hosted implementation
  • Ability to scale up to support an expanding mobile strategy
  • Robust device and data security functionality