Using MobileIron to manage Android enterprise endpoints

Industry: Public Safety

"SDIS 33 now has secure chain-of-command smartphones"

Brice Beaudemont


Telecom Administrator, Gironde Fire and Rescue Service

“The IT and Telecom Group manages, maintains and supports SDIS's IT network, radio and telephony. Last year, the management decided to provide certain members in the chain of command with smartphones to access operational messages during deployments. And we immediately decided that we would need a powerful mobile fleet management solution.

After researching the market, we concluded that the MobileIron platform was the best for us. It allowed us to customize different security levels and remotely monitor the fleet, which was perfect for our needs. It meant that people could use smartphones freely, but couldn't install apps we deemed counterproductive or unsecure. The aim was to create robust configurations for our chain of command, without imposing unnecessary restrictions on users.”

Adjungo: an experienced EMM integrator

“We were looking for a supplier that could integrate the MobileIron technology into our predominantly open-source info system. We identified four or five players, and finally picked Adjungo for their expertise, reliability, and competitive pricing. The Adjungo team demonstrated their know-how with detailed answers to all our questions on Android enterprise's capabilities. We really liked their approach, and decided to use them for the project.”

An Adjungo consultant installed MobileIron and Android enterprise on SDIS 33’s servers and rolled out mobile endpoints.

“The recommendations by the Adjungo consultant were tailored to specific needs of a fire service, and to our IT architecture. He offered us various scenarios with different levels of security that we could test in real-life conditions. Based on the testing and his recommendations, it was easy for us to find the right configuration that best met our needs. The MobileIron solution offered many possibilities. Adjungo pointed us to the most relevant ones that would give us advanced mobile functionality and reduce the risk of data breach.”

The first SDIS to integrate Android enterprise in France

This is the first time that a French fire and rescue service has integrated Android enterprise.

“Our dedicated chain-of-command smartphones can be used for all purposes, and their Android configuration is robust and secure, which is exactly what we need in our job. Adjungo offered fast and effective support.

They added value by giving us practical advice drawn from many years of experience. They gave us good advice and training, and everything has worked perfectly since deployment.

"If we have other mobility projects in the future, we'll definitely use Adjungo.” -- Brice Beaudemont, Telecom Administrator, Gironde Fire and Rescue Service

Key Benefits:
  • To facilitate access to chain- of-command messaging during deployments
  • To use the MobileIron platform to secure mobile apps and access to info system
  • To integrate mobility into a predominantly open-source info system
Why Mobileiron:
  • Secure smartphones tailored to the needs of a fire service
  • Ideal selection of relevant MobileIron solutions, thanks to Adjungo’s expert advice
  • Secure and autonomous mobile fleet management
Partner Information:

Adjungo is France's leading specialist in managed mobility services. Its team of experts deploys and manages smartphone and tablet fleets, and MDM/EMM integration.

  • Expert in Android enterprise, iOS, and other
  • mobile operating systems
  • Tens of thousands of endpoints deployed
  • Expert support, based in France