Press Association delivers multimedia content on the move with MobileIron Solutions 

Industry: Communications

"Today, with 4G mobile devices secured by MobileIron, journalists have the flexibility to file stories more efficiently from a car, a sidewalk or right at an event."

David Reed , Head of Information Services and Infrastructure 

The Press Association (PA) is the national news agency for the UK and Ireland and a leading multimedia content provider across web, mobile, broadcast, and print. For the last 145 years, PA has provided fast, accurate feeds of text, data, photos, and video. Today the business is increasingly focused on the delivery of complete products for both digital and print clients.

Seeking to empower its journalists to capture more of the dynamic content that customers crave, PA recently implemented a MobileIron enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution. As a result, PA’s journalists can use their secure smartphones and tablets to collect and submit high-definition video and photos from out in the field. Meanwhile, the organization is minimizing the risk of data leaks due to lost or stolen devices, and maintains tight control over the apps that journalists can download to their devices.

For Traveling Reporters, Content Is King

Delivering high-quality multimedia content is crucial to a trusted organization such as PA. That means the news agency must mobilize its journalists effectively and give them all the tools they need to generate content from anywhere.

“Our customers have an appetite for dynamic and rich content,” explains David Reed, Head of Information Services and Infrastructure at PA. “By equipping journalists with powerful mobile devices that can capture more types of media, they are able to file stories quickly and efficiently.”

A few years ago, PA performed a review of its mobile devices and discovered that most of the fleet required replacing with devices that could more easily capture dynamic multimedia content. PA realized that it would need to have a system in place for managing and securing smartphones and tablets before it could deploy hundreds of devices to its journalists. When the organization began to research potential EMM solutions, MobileIron emerged as a leading vendor, based in large part upon a recommendation from EE—PA’s mobile network provider. To cinch the deal, PA’s contract renewal with EE offered a security package that included MobileIron.

A key factor in PA’s decision was the fact that MobileIron offers a cloud delivery model. As an organization, PA is moving towards on-demand software solutions as a means of minimizing the overhead costs associated with its technology. EE implemented PA’s MobileIron system and provided the minimal training needed by PA’s technical staff. EE now manages PA’s MobileIron deployment and lets the organization know of any issues.

“Going live on MobileIron in the cloud was a very smooth process,” comments Reed. “We rolled out about 500 new devices in eight weeks—enabling our reporters to capture more of the dynamic content our customers crave. And we’re happy to leave the management of the MobileIron system in the hands of the experts who know it best.”

COPE for Journalists, Peace of Mind for IT

PA continues to add smartphones and tablets to its deployment, primarily Samsung devices. As soon as these devices go live on the mobile network, they’re managed and secured by MobileIron. From there, PA journalists can comfortably and securely gather and share copy, high-definition video and images to be delivered to all of the major media outlets in the UK.

“Years ago, our journalists had to dictate stories over the phone,” recalls Reed. “Later, they gained the ability to email files from their laptops—but that required good Wi-Fi reception. Today, with 4G mobile devices secured by MobileIron, journalists have the flexibility to file stories more efficiently from a car, a sidewalk or right at an event.”

Rather than implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, PA has opted for a Company Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) policy in which employees are free to use their corporate-issued devices for business and personal purposes. MobileIron helps support the policy by separating business content from each employee’s personal emails and data.

“There’s no point in having our journalists carry around multiple devices for multiple purposes,” Reed explains. “MobileIron helps us protect all of the content on our journalists’ phones and tablets, whether it is work or personal related. And if a device is lost or stolen, we can remotely wipe all the data in seconds—which does wonders for my peace of mind.”

Apps-on-the-Go Help Journalists Bring Stories to Life

As PA’s journalists report on major news stories across the UK, MobileIron provides the organization’s IT leadership with a dashboard view of where devices have been deployed. IT staff can also proactively recommend to journalists any mobile apps that could make their jobs easier, based on the types of assignments they’re completing. Journalists can then download the apps from a corporate app store powered by MobileIron [email protected] MobileIron helps enforce the organizational policy that employees may install only apps that are either in the company app store or approved by Google.

“We had a journalist covering the Commonwealth Games in Scotland and realized he could get a lot of useful information from the Great Britain team app,” recalls Reed. “So we sent him a text through MobileIron with a link to the app. With features like this, our journalists are feeling a lot less stranded in the field and better equipped to do their jobs. We’re envisioning a mobile future where journalists are truly free from the office capturing the stories our customers want.”

Key Benefits:
  • Enabled traveling journalists to collect and submit dynamic story content from anywhere at any time
  • Established centralized control over company-issued devices and corporate data
  • Gave journalists a secure place to download the apps that are most relevant to their daily work
  • Allowed employees to use one secure device for all business and personal tasks
Why Mobileiron:
  • Cloud delivery option ties in with organization’s IT strategy
  • Offered as part of EE contract renewal
  • Low overhead costs associated with a cloud solution
  • Ability to leave system maintenance to the experts