MobileIron is making Munich Airport mobile even off the runway 

Industry: Transportation

"FMG's mobile intranet and mobile SAP applications are so easy to use it's like working directly on an internal network."

Maximilian Metzker ,  Project Lead at CANCOM (MobileIron implementation partner)

For Munich Airport, mobility is not only important on the runways, it's important across the entire organization. The enterprise mobile security leader, MobileIron, ensures the constantly increasing number of mobile processes run smoothly and are easy to use.

Munich Airport serves approximately 41 million passengers per year (2015), making it one of Europe's largest airports. Around 100 airlines connect the airport to 247 destinations in 70 countries. Since transfers make up around 36 percent of its flights, Munich Airport is also an important travel hub. The aviation research institute Skytrax designated Munich Airport as a "5-star airport," the first airport in Europe to receive this distinction.

The operator of Munich Airport is Flughafen München GmbH (FMG) which is 51% owned by the State of Bavaria, 26% by the Federal Republic of Germany and 23% by the State Capital of Munich. FMG is responsible for all airport infrastructure, which covers everything from gastronomy, hotels and retail to business administration, information desks and IT to real estate/workshop management and cargo handling. It is incredibly important for FMG to use and manage its smartphones and tablets intelligently to master its numerous and varied tasks. This is why for FMG, mobility doesn't end at the runway, it permeates the entire organization.

Mobile use cases

In addition to managing e-mails and securely storing/exchanging contact data, mobile applications are used primarily to access the intranet, various web services and SAP applications. The latter are used for many different tasks: creating diagrams and lists, sending status updates to devices about work processes and accessing various troubleshooting portals. The Fiori portal connects these SAP functions and lets users access the SAP back-end systems from a standard browser.

MobileIron's Munich partner CANCOM helped introduce the MobileIron platform as FMG's Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system two years ago. Today, the platform manages around 600 iPhones and iPads. Employees can use a mix of business and personal applications on their devices. FMG allows both the private use of business devices and the business use of personal devices. Apps from the Apple AppStore are made available based on approved lists in the MobileIron AppStore. Users have the option to use the MobileIron module [email protected] to securely save any business data.

MobileIron is technically sophisticated and easy to use

Before introducing the MobileIron platform, FMG managed its few smartphones and tablets using McAfee's EMM suite.

"Back when we managed only a few mobile devices and had to secure only the applications for e-mail and contacts, McAfee suited us well. But once the number of mobile devices started to increase rapidly and more demanding applications were being added all the time, we needed a more technically sophisticated and easier-to-use EMM system!" says Michael Meister, System Engineer, Service Area IT at FMG.

After reviewing various EMM systems, FMG quickly decided on MobileIron due to its advanced functionality and easy installation.

This summer, passengers at Munich airport will be able to take advantage of attractive new connections around Europe, to America and Asia. Lufthansa, for example, will start flying to Denver and Tehran several times per week.

User experience is like working directly on an internal network

With MobileIron, Flughafen München GmbH provides secure access to various web-based applications, SAP applications, and the Flughafen München GmbH intranet portal using MobileIron Tunnel, an app-specific VPN tunnel. The men running the project, Maximilian Metzker (Senior Consultant at CANCOM) and Michael Meister (FMG), had this to say about the EMM solution:

"FMG's security concerns posed a great challenge, both in terms of implementing the MobileIron appliances to the customer specifications and offering employees a really native user experience. Using the intranet and SAP applications is like working directly on an internal network."

Cost benefits from mobile invoice management

"With MobileIron, FMG can generate cost savings by processing and approving invoices on mobile devices," says Walter Englmaier, Head of Accounting at Flughafen München GmbH (FMG). Linda Brummer from Aeroground GmbH, an FMG subsidiary, had this to say: "Using our mobile BI application (Cubeware) in the MobileIron environment lets our managers easily retrieve reports and KPIs regardless of their location. Access to an operational database is a prerequisite for the application. The MobileIron environment complies with our high security requirements and lets us retrieve data rapidly and efficiently at the same time."

Wolfgang Schwaiger, Product Manager Voice, Service Area IT at FMG, says that mobile IT at FMG is a work in progress:

"Developing FMG's mobile infrastructure is a constant process." The range of functions on the MobileIron platform is vast. But this range is necessary since departments are always requesting new features."

FMG uses three virtual MobileIron appliances in its VMware environment. In addition to the central MobileIron Core management server, FMG also uses two Sentry servers: one as an exchange server and one for applications and web portals.

Key Benefits:
  • Secure e-mail and contact management as the basic applications
  • Mobile intranet access
  • Mobile access to many web and SAP applications via MobileIron Tunnel
  • Cost benefits: process and approve electronic invoices on mobile devices
  • Secure separation of business and personal applications on one device
  • Activate apps based on white lists
  • Efficiently retrieve data from the BI application Cubeware within the MobileIron environment