MOL Group Energizes Mobile Productivity with MobileIron

Industry: Energy

"MobileIron is exactly the secure platform we need to execute our future mobility goals."

Ákos Dányi , Senior expert of group office applications, MOL Group

MOL Group is an integrated, international oil and gas company, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. It is active in over 30 countries with a dynamic international workforce of 25,000 people and a track record of more than 100 years in the industry. At the moment, there are production activities in 8 countries and exploration assets in 13 countries. MOL Group operates four refineries and two petrochemicals plants under integrated supply chain management in Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia, and owns a network of over 2,000 service stations across 10 countries in Central & South Eastern Europe.

As a diverse global company, MOL needed a way to securely enable mobile apps and devices for employees who often work away from the office, whether at home or when traveling on business. Many of the company’s managers had already begun using their personal iOS and Android devices to access email through ActiveSync, which didn’t provide the security MOL required. Rather than disable corporate access, MOL wanted to ensure that company information and apps could be securely enabled on these devices. Otherwise, without mobile access to company resources, employees needed to carry their company-owned laptop with them, which was cumbersome and inconvenient. For instance, if a manager wanted to look up a company document outside of the office, he would first have to log in, power up the VPN, and then connect to the company intranet, which was time-consuming and inefficient.

To enable employees to securely access the intranet and email from their mobile devices, MOL began the process of finding an enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider who could meet both their security and business requirements.

MobileIron: The Top Choice for Secure Mobile Productivity

MOL consulted Gartner for the top EMM vendors, and ultimately narrowed its search to six or seven providers, which included MobileIron. The company quickly ruled out several providers because they couldn’t meet the company’s strict information security and technical requirements.

“After we evaluated the top EMM solutions, we realized that MobileIron was the best choice to provide the mobile security we were looking for,” said Ákos Dányi, senior expert of group office applications at MOL. “We also needed to support about 4,200 devices for many different employees — from executives and office staff to truck drivers and delivery workers — and MobileIron gave us the control we needed to provide role-based access to different apps and backend resources.”

MOL currently provides corporate-owned iOS devices to its business managers, Windows phones to its office-based staff, and both Android and iOS tablets to field workers such as delivery drivers and maintenance workers. MOL also supports a BYOD deployment for employees who prefer to use their own devices for work. Office workers with company-owned devices are also able to use their devices for some personal tasks (according to the guidelines set in “InfoSec Technical Acceptable Usage” policy), but some specific tablets for field workers are completely locked down and restricted to approved business apps only.

Most of the company’s apps are customized by third-party developers and support a variety of business tasks such as route planning and optimization for delivery drivers. These apps are securely deployed to iOS and Android devices through MobileIron [email protected], so all apps and updates can be pushed to devices without requiring any action from the end user.

For all of these employees, the elimination of manual, paper-based processes has made their jobs much easier and more productive. Business and sales staff can quickly access corporate documents, and delivery drivers can retrieve and update orders without having to return to the office to print paper copies. Through MobileIron’s secure browser, [email protected], business travelers are able to securely access internal web resources and easily get approvals from their managers. Employees across the company can securely access and share files through SharePoint and internal company sites.

“MobileIron has been key to helping us optimize our workflows on mobile. We used to have a lot of paper-based systems, but we have since shifted many of those workflows to SharePoint and our internal sites, which we support on mobile through [email protected] This has helped us dramatically improve mobile productivity by allowing employees to quickly and securely access the resources they use every day,” said Dány.

MOL has also improved mobile security by containerizing apps such as KiteWorks, [email protected], Email+, and [email protected] on mobile devices. Containerization helps MOL give mobile employees more flexibility on their devices without putting company apps and data at risk. For example, office-based workers are allowed to access non-business apps and web sites from their mobile devices (except for disallowed apps and sites). Truck drivers, however, are typically limited to using company apps on corporate-owned Android devices.

Improving Visibility and Control Across the Mobile Fleet

Prior to MobileIron, employees would often save corporate documents to external hard drives to work on at home later. This put corporate data at risk because IT had no control over how documents were shared and with whom. Today, MobileIron has given MOL much greater visibility and control over mobile devices, apps, and content. Not only can mobile devices be configured and secured remotely, apps can also be silently installed, updated, or removed without any end-user intervention required. If an employee leaves the company or if a device becomes compromised, IT can lock down or remotely wipe the device to ensure corporate data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

“MobileIron has given us better visibility into our mobile infrastructure. Now we can identify all of the devices on our network, know who is connecting to which resources, and see which OS and app versions they are running,” said Dányi. “This is essential to helping us control access to backend resources and ensure that all devices are running the most current app and OS versions. We can also determine if a device is out of compliance and take action depending on the posture of the device. For example, if the device does not enforce our current password policy, we can restrict access until the device comes back into compliance,” he said.

Looking Ahead: Expanding Mobility to Drive Sales

“Thanks to MobileIron, we’ve been able to successfully roll out the initial phases of our mobile strategy. Now we are looking at how to leverage additional mobile apps to improve customer communication, manage our relationships with wholesalers, and simplify our processes across the entire supply chain,” said Dányi. “MobileIron is exactly the secure platform we need to execute our future mobility goals.”

Key Benefits:
  • Enables employees to securely access corporate apps and content from any mobile device
  • Ensures only compliant devices can access corporate resources
  • Administers a secure enterprise app store
  • Boosts productivity by eliminating many paper-based processes
Why Mobileiron:
  • Support for multi-OS deployments
  • Provides better visibility and control over the entire mobile infrastructure
  • Able to meet complex security requirements for a large-scale global company
  • Scalability to support a fast-growing company in a highly competitive market
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