With MobileIron, J.B. Hunt Drives Towards A Go-Anywhere Workforce

Industry: Transportation

"Instead of talking about technology delays, we can quickly set up and go live before business opportunities slip away."

Brandon Stanley , Director of Information Services, J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. (J.B. Hunt), one of the largest transportation logistics companies in North America, provides safe and reliable transportation services to a diverse group of customers throughout the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. Its customer list includes many of its fellow Fortune 500 companies. Using an integrated, multi-modal approach, J.B. Hunt offers capacity-oriented solutions focused on delivering customer value and industry-leading service. Founded in 1961, J.B. Hunt reported revenues of $5 billion in 2012.

In need of a way to help employees become productive in new locations, J.B. Hunt worked with AT&T to implement the MobileIron enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform. J.B. Hunt uses MobileIron to efficiently open new office locations, track and secure employee-owned iPhones, manage its unique corporate airtime policies, prevent costly overages, and catch potential security risks before they become costly problems.

Customer needs demand speedy responses

J.B. Hunt is more than a trucking company – much more. The multi-modal transportation provider prides itself on delivering solutions customized to the needs of each customer. This may entail sending an installation specialist to deliver and install a washing machine at a consumer’s house, or picking up, sanitizing, and returning medical equipment to a hospital.

To meet the needs of a diverse customer base across North America, J.B. Hunt relies on a highly mobile workforce. And when business opportunities arise in new locations, the company must be able to deploy drivers and other professionals quickly. That’s why J.B. Hunt’s mobile technology strategy is central to its business.

In the past, the company had to wait until landlines and data circuits were set up before opening a new location – a process that was taking an average of 35 business days. Hoping to establish new locations in a matter of hours rather than weeks, J.B. Hunt began exploring ways to deploy iPhones and wireless data devices as “instant” handheld terminals – and needed a way to secure and manage the iPhones.

“We were already familiar with BlackBerry and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server,” says Brandon Stanley, Director of Information Services. “Our goal was to find a solution that would let us control security policies and push data in a similar way on the iOS platform.”

Mobile devices become mobile offices

Seeking a way to get new locations up and running quickly without jeopardizing company data, J.B. Hunt examined Gartner’s list of mobile device management (MDM) vendors and requested proposals from the strongest candidates. After several months of technical assessment, in which J.B. Hunt also evaluated AirWatch, Good Technology, and Zenprise, the company selected MobileIron and chose AT&T as its implementation and technical support partner.

“Considering many of our employees were just getting their first smartphones, we needed an EMM solution that would make it as easy as possible for them to register devices and for us to manage them," Stanley explains. "MobileIron provides ease of use without compromising security.”

With MobileIron, J.B. Hunt can now establish new locations as swiftly as customer needs dictate, rather than waiting weeks for technology infrastructure to be established. “Instead of talking about technology delays, we can quickly set up and go live before business opportunities slip away,” says Stanley.

With devices secured, company focuses on wireless savings

Today, J.B. Hunt manages more than 1,200 iPhones and dozens of iPads on the MobileIron platform. Employees typically purchase their own devices, register them through MobileIron, and then enjoy the flexibility to use their monthly minutes for business or personal use. If they exceed their minute allotment, they can simply pay for additional minutes through payroll deduction. By implementing and managing this unique policy through MobileIron, J.B. Hunt has gained greater control over its mobile expenses.

We figured out we’d be able to earn greater volume discounts from our wireless carriers by letting employees use a single phone for business and personal use and doing it all through our corporate wireless plan,” explains Joey Jones, Telecommunications Manager. “MobileIron enables us to create and manage security policies that support this strategy, and it fits right into our payroll deduction process.”

When J.B. Hunt employees travel abroad, MobileIron helps the company avoid hefty wireless fees. As soon as an employee gets off a plane in another country, J.B. Hunt’s telecommunications staff receives an alert in MobileIron to open an international rate plan.

“In the past, we’ve seen employees rack up significant international roaming charges on a single device,” recalls Robert Auten, Senior Client Engineer. “With MobileIron, we’ve eliminated that risk because we can immediately get in touch with the employee and enroll them in a plan that will save us money.”

MobileIron also keeps J.B. Hunt informed of emerging security threats. If an employee device is lost or stolen, J.B. Hunt’s security department can use MobileIron to track the device, increasing the chances of a successful recovery. When an employee leaves the company, J.B. Hunt can remotely wipe corporate data while leaving the employee’s personal data and photos intact. And if an employee attempts to jailbreak a device, J.B. Hunt can take immediate action.

Local technology partner helps increase ROI

As an integral part of its enterprise mobility strategy, J.B. Hunt seeks to deploy productivity apps to its workforce. Now that the company has embraced the iOS platform on MobileIron, it lets employees access apps securely through the native VPN On Demand functionality on their iPhones.

“AT&T has always delivered outstanding customer support around our MobileIron implementation,” says Stanley. “It’s nice having a familiar face down the street who can stop in here and work to get the most out of our system. They also know how to connect us with MobileIron experts who can answer specific questions, which is a huge plus.”

Key Benefits:
  • Open new office locations efficiently—rather than waiting weeks for phone and broadband to be set up
  • Earn greater volume discounts from wireless carriers by allowing employees to use a single device for business and personal use
  • Prevent costly international roaming charges
  • Get instant notification of emerging security threats
Why Mobileiron:
  • Ability to manage profiles and control policies from one dashboard
  • Intuitive interface for administrators to deploy devices
  • Easy device registration process for end users
  • Ability to wipe corporate data while leaving personal data intact
  • Works well with the company’s payroll deduction process for employee-purchased device