Isala Hospital improves collaboration and patient care with apps and data secured by MobileIron

Industry: Healthcare

"With MobileIron, we are confident that we can expand our BYOD program to securely enable the same mobile apps and services we currently deploy on our corporate-owned devices. We also have the scalability we need to support thousands of multi-OS devices as our operations grow and evolve."

Jos Minnema


Technical Architect at Isala Hospital

Isala Hospital is one of the largest clinical hospitals in the Netherlands with 1,200 beds and nearly 7,000 employees. It offers a range of healthcare services, including specialized care in the fields of oncology, cardiology, neurosurgery, renal care, stem cell transplantation, and radiotherapy. The facility also includes a research component, the Isala Academy, which coordinates all teaching activities across the hospital. To help support the mental health and wellbeing of patients, the hospital maintains a green environment that gives patients the opportunity to enjoy nature during recovery.

As a top healthcare provider in the Netherlands, Isala depends on enabling secure and reliable access to patient data and other healthcare information on mobile devices. In 2019, the hospital wanted to support a large mobile deployment in order to help doctors, nurses, and other providers easily and securely collaborate across a variety of devices and apps. In addition to enabling seamless access to patient records and other essential information, the hospital also wanted to use mobile to improve overall business operations, control costs, and increase efficiency.

“As one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands, we have a lot of requirements to manage. First, we have to enable all of our healthcare staff to access the apps and data they need, but we also have to do that in a way that meets strict compliance regulations,” said Jos Minnema, Technical Architect at Isala Hospital. “At the same time, we have to make sure that the user experience is fast and easy so doctors and nurses can get the information they need quickly, especially in time-critical situations. For that reason, we decided to look at MobileIron to help us roll out a secure mobile management program.”

Why Isala chose MobileIron to support its mobile healthcare program

The hospital wanted to deploy a combination of Android and iOS devices. It was clear that the organization needed a unified endpoint management (UEM) platform to simplify device management, security, and configuration across hundreds of devices without requiring each one to be manually configured and updated. Isala also needed to support five critical device profiles. These included a locked down, single-use corporate device with limited apps as well as a BYOD profile for Android and iOS devices. At first, Isala considered an alternative solution to manage the device deployment but concluded that the platform could only support one of those profiles and lacked features and functionality for the others. As a result, the hospital looked to MobileIron to provide a comprehensive platform to support all of the device profiles.

Together, MobileIron and technology partner TwentyNice quickly facilitated a highly successful test run with MobileIron Cloud. In just one week, Isala was able to support its main critical use cases. The hospital now uses MobileIron to deploy Android devices through Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment. Using MobileIron, Isala supports zero-day device customization through settings such as biometrics and multi-factor authentication, Wi-Fi and NFC control, location tracking, and status notifications. With support from MobileIron, Isala also deploys BYOD and corporate-owned iOS devices including iPads and iPhones through the Apple Business Manager (ABM).

MobileIron supports critical use cases to coordinate emergency response across the hospital

Equipped with patient apps on mobile devices, Isala doctors and nurses can address patient needs more quickly. For Isala’s main use case, the hospital deployed the Chipsoft HiX app to all healthcare personnel through their Android or iOS devices secured by MobileIron. With the HiX app, all of the hospital’s providers can instantly access Electronic Medical Records (EMR) wherever they are, whether in the operating room, in between patient visits, or even at home. This not only saves time, it results in better patient care because doctors and nurses can quickly look up patient status changes, report updates, look up diagnostics, and check to see if lab results have arrived. This makes it easier for healthcare providers to collaborate in real time about the best course of action to improve patient outcomes.

Nurses can also instantly address critical patient needs using the IQ Messenger app secured by MobileIron. Through IQ Messenger, MobileIron helped Isala deploy a reliable and efficient call system. Nurses continuously carry Android devices specifically configured for the nursery system. With these devices and apps, nurses can be notified instantly in case of emergency or other change requiring their attention. Nurses can also enter and update data on the status of infants, and all of this data is securely containerized by Android Enterprise in a dedicated, corporate-owned single-use (COSU) mode configured on these devices.

In case of emergency such as a fire, a notification receiver app is configured on devices to send a silent alarm. This system not only ensures that all staff receive the same alert and instructions at a moment’s notice, it also minimizes panic during a crisis. Thanks to silent mobile alarms, Isala enables staff to facilitate a calmer and more organized response to an emergency.

Isala also uses MobileIron to improve operational efficiency and cost control. All refrigerators that store medications are equipped with sensors that can communicate with a mobile app. This allows staff to monitor critical levels such as temperature to ensure that medications remain stored in optimum conditions.

“When we think of critical hospital operations, refrigerators may not be the first thing that comes to mind,” said Minnema. “But if a refrigerator that stores our medications goes down or if the temperature exceeds or falls below thresholds, that can put patient health at risk. It may also require the hospital to throw away thousands of euros’ worth of medication. So, by automatically monitoring these conditions, we protect patient health and avoid costly waste.”

Looking ahead: Enabling Office 365 on mobile

Isala has successfully deployed a variety of BYOD and corporate-owned devices through MobileIron with technical assistance from TwentyNice. The hospital is now exploring the best way to deploy Microsoft Office 365 on mobile devices so providers can easily access a variety of productivity apps. In addition, the hospital also plans to deploy shared iPad devices to patients to help them stay in touch with family and friends during their hospital stay.

“We want to give all of our personnel the maximum flexibility they need to do their best work and provide the best patient experience,” said Minnema. “With MobileIron, we are confident that we can expand our mobile capabilities to support thousands of multi-OS devices and apps as our operations grow and evolve.”

Key Benefits:
  • Quickly address patient needs through secure mobile alert system
  • Enable access to secure patient health records on any device
  • Improve the patient experience and outcomes through efficient healthcare automation
  • Simplify multi-OS device deployment and security
  • Scale to support thousands of mobile devices as needed
Why Mobileiron:
  • Provides industry-leading, comprehensive UEM platform
  • Secures access to mobile apps and data multi-OS devices
  • Delivers an intuitive user experience with MFA and passwordless access to mobile apps
  • Simplifies device deployment through Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment and Apple Business Manager
Partner Information:
Why TwentyNice?
  • Clear and straight forward partner with highly technical skilled consultants
  • Ability to quickly implement MobileIron conform Isala’s needs
  • TwentyNice has proven to be a trust worthy partner during the implementation and ongoing during the support of the MobileIron environment