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Global software company reduces login time by 70% with zero sign-on 

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A global enterprise software company must ensure its employees and contractors around the world can make fast, well-informed business decisions wherever they work. To support business agility in this highly competitive industry, the company provides access to a growing pool of 20 cloud apps including Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, ServiceNow, Concur, and Slack.

The company’s widespread adoption of mobile-cloud technology has dramatically boosted productivity, but it has also introduced new security threats, such as the risk of data loss from unsecured devices and unmanaged apps. The evolving threat landscape meant the company needed a more modern way to provide secure, frictionless access to cloud apps on both corporate-owned and BYOD mobile devices and laptops.

Nearly 95% of the company’s mobile applications run on the cloud. To provide more secure access, the company wanted to move beyond password-based authentication, which is the top cause of corporate data breaches (81% according to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report). To protect against phishing attacks that can steal or compromise passwords, the company decided to look for more modern and secure authentication methods to eliminate password vulnerabilities while helping users seamlessly access the apps and data they need.

Passwordless authentication boosts mobile security and productivity

To address these mobile security concerns, the company wanted to establish a passwordless authentication approach to eliminate the security weaknesses of passwords. In 2019, the company adopted MobileIron Access and its zero sign-on (ZSO) capability to eliminate passwords. With MobileIron Access, the company was able to turn managed mobile devices into a primary factor for secure authentication. This not only ensures trusted users and devices can access business resources, the user is no longer required to enter a password on any device.

Six months after deploying MobileIron Access, 80% of the company’s employees were using ZSO. Today, ZSO not only reduces the risk of phishing attacks, it has decreased the average application login time by 70% from 7 seconds to 2 seconds. On average, these employees log in about 100,000 times per month resulting in a time savings of nearly 140 hours per month. With seamless authentication to cloud apps and data, mobile users are also much happier and more productive, and IT is confident knowing that all of the company’s Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices are secure.

Enabling secure and seamless access from any managed or unmanaged device

In addition to eliminating passwords, MobileIron Access allows the company to define adaptive cloud access control policies based on application, IP address, identity, device posture, and other criteria. The granular policy engine, combined with better insight into whether mobile employees are using compromised devices or unauthorized apps, allows the company to bridge the gap between mobile and cloud security.

Enabling ZSO with MobileIron Access gives the company’s employees a passwordless mobile app experience by allowing users to access enterprise resources from any device, including devices not managed by MobileIron. At registration, all SSO enabled applications that support SAML can be configured to delegate the authentication step to MobileIron Access. Access then verifies that the connecting device has a trusted certificate to confirm its identity and the user goes straight to the application without entering a password. If the employee is using an unmanaged device, he or she can confirm their identity by scanning a QR code from a managed mobile device using the MobileIron app.

With ZSO, this organization has improved its employee productivity and satisfaction and users love the experience. Its sales organization can quickly access and update customer accounts and the quote-to-cash process within Salesforce on the go. All employees can access ServiceNow to generate IT requests and consultants can seamlessly collaborate with employees using Office 365 apps — all without the hassle of entering a password.

Delivering greater peace of mind

This global software company realized that cloud apps and services have made the idea of a secure network perimeter obsolete. With MobileIron Access and ZSO, the company has turned every managed mobile device into a primary factor for secure authentication. By ensuring that only trusted users and secure devices can access corporate apps and data in the cloud, employees across the company have greater peace of mind knowing their critical business resources are protected wherever they work.

Enterprise Software Company
Key Benefits:


  • Reduce login time by 70%, saving 140 user hours per 100,000 logins per month.
  • Reduce help desk troubleshooting time by 20%.
  • Give employees secure access to data through cloud-based apps and services.
  • Enable ZSO authentication for seamless cloud access.
  • Block unauthorized users and unmanaged apps from accessing critical company data.


Why Mobileiron:


  • Leading UEM provider integrates with key business apps
  • Provides secure, cloud-based access with MobileIron Access
  • Innovative, scalable, and flexible UEM platform
  • Industry-leading mobile and cloud security
  • Allows users to leverage ZSO to automatically sign in to any managed application on the device