Edward Rose and Sons Builds a Secure Mobile Foundation with MobileIron Cloud

Industry: Real estate

"MobileIron Cloud delivered everything we needed and more."

Levi Johnstone , Head of Technology Engineering Edward Rose and Sons

Established in 1921, Edward Rose and Sons is a family-owned and operated real estate development and management company. The company specializes in building modest apartment communities across the United States. Its land development and construction projects range from single-family residential to large-scale, mixed-use, and multifamily communities. The company handles all phases of development from land acquisition and construction to management and maintenance.

As the company has grown and expanded into new markets, it needed a way to accelerate and improve the efficiency of its core business processes, such as leasing and apartment maintenance. For years, the company relied on paper-based systems, which were error-prone, inflexible, and time-consuming. For example, leasing agents would have to complete manual applications in person with the client, and financial and background checks could often take weeks, which significantly delayed the time to close the deal. In addition, maintenance workers would have to return to the office several times a day to retrieve or update work orders, which reduced the time spent making repairs and limited the number of jobs they could complete each day.

To help increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction, Edward Rose and Sons developed a new mobility initiative to provide its leasing and maintenance staff with company-owned iOS mobile devices and apps to accelerate and secure critical business processes.

MobileIron helps construct a successful mobile program from the ground up

Edward Rose and Sons needed a flexible, cloud-based solution to help them reduce costs and simplify their mobile management processes. They also needed an EMM provider with the ability to support the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to configure and deploy hundreds of iOS devices company-wide. Edward Rose and Sons chose the MobileIron enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform to meet all of their critical mobility requirements.

"After evaluating AirWatch and MobileIron, it was clear that MobileIron could meet our needs the best," said Levi Johnstone, head of the technology engineering team at Edward Rose and Sons. "MobileIron Cloud delivered everything we needed and more.

Edward Rose & Sons initially chose a cloud-based solution to help reduce costs and eliminate the need for on-prem solutions, but MobileIron Cloud also enabled productivity gains beyond what they had anticipated during the evaluation phase.

"Not only can IT quickly set up all of the policies and configurations for each device, employees can securely access all of the apps and business content they need to start working within minutes of turning on their new devices," said Johnstone.

The company can easily administer and deploy applications through the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP), which is supported by MobileIron Cloud. This solution is ideal for automatically deploying Yardi, which provides all of the critical capabilities leasing agents use every day. With this app, agents can access all the tools they need to manage apartments, execute leases, perform background checks, and even transfer money between departments. With MobileIron, Edward Rose and Sons deploys Yardi across the entire company and provides secure email through MobileIron Email+. MobileIron has also made it very easy to assign role-based access to employees, which helps ensure only authorized users can access certain resources.

"With MobileIron, we’ve been able to quickly roll out the first phase of our mobility program," said Johnstone. "Our initial setup time with MobileIron Cloud was incredibly fast. We didn’t have to worry about setting up servers, testing connectivity, or figuring out ports. The whole solution was very turnkey for us."

Since deploying MobileIron Cloud, Edward Rose and Sons has enabled IT to simplify the mobile experience while reducing errors and help desk calls. By using DEP, IT can manage devices more securely by controlling which apps are on the device and remotely locking or wiping data from lost or stolen devices. Device enrollment is also greatly simplified because IT can customize the end-user setup process through MobileIron Cloud.

"We’ve been able to completely streamline device setup for end users. We’ve cut the number of setup screens by about 75%, to just the bare minimum. This reduces the chance of the user making a mistake and it gives IT peace of mind because we know it’s done right every time," said Johnstone.

Improving the client experience through secure mobility

With secure mobile devices enabled by MobileIron, leasing agents have been able to greatly improve the customer experience. Prior to MobileIron, the leasing process was extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Background checks and payment processing could take up to three weeks. Now agents can complete an entire lease in about 30 minutes, so clients instantly know if they’ve been approved. With mobile devices, agents can work with clients in a much more professional manner because the client no longer has to go to the agent’s desktop computer located in a busy and noisy back office. The agent can simply access the Yardi app from a mobile device, enable the client to enter their application data, and then the agent can complete the process all from the same device.

Mobility greatly simplifies facilities management

In addition to accelerating the leasing process, Edward Rose and Sons also uses MobileIron to improve the efficiency of apartment maintenance. All maintenance employees can now use an iPad mini in single-app mode to access work orders wherever they are. They can also take pictures of apartment conditions and make notes to update the job status. Plus, if they complete jobs ahead of schedule, they can access the next job through the mobile app without having to go back to the office to retrieve paperwork.

"Thanks to MobileIron, our mobile program has gotten off to a great start," said Johnstone. "With MobileIron’s multi-OS platform, we’re looking forward to rolling out a BYOD program for employees who want to access company apps and data on their personal Android and Windows devices, in addition to the iOS devices we currently support."

Key Benefits:
  • Enable leasing agents to securely access company apps and data from iOS devices.
  • Accelerate time-to-closure on real estate deals.
  • Improve the customer experience by streamlining leasing processes through secure mobile apps and devices.
  • Reduce reliance on costly, inefficient, paper-based systems.
  • Enable facilities employees to access work orders and complete jobs much more quickly.
Why Mobileiron:
  • Only enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider that meets critical requirements.
  • Support a broad range of BYOD and corporate-owned, multi-OS devices.
  • Ability to support Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
  • Remotely wipe data from lost or stolen devices.
  • Benefit from a cost-effective, easy to deploy, massively scalable cloud-based solution.