Dürr uses MobileIron to secure Mobile Productivity for its Worldwide Operations

Industry: Manufacturing

"We made the decision to use Windows Phone and MobileIron because it’s becoming increasingly important for us to securely integrate mobile devices into our workflows at Dürr."

Thomas Müller , IT security manager of the Dürr Group

Dürr is a mechanical and plant engineering firm with worldwide operations. For many employees, traveling and working abroad are simply part of the job. Mobility is also crucial for content management - it must be possible from any location and at any time. Access to company data must be both easy and secure. The world market leader believes MobileIron, the leader in enterprise mobility management technology, is the right mobility partner.

Dürr owes its position as the world’s leading mechanical and plant engineering firm primarily to the engineering expertise of its employees. Making this expertise available at any time and from any location is a competitive advantage that helps the company maintain and build on its leading position. To this end, mobile access to data and documents is becoming increasingly important. This is why Dürr selected MobileIron to secure and manage approximately 2,500 mobile Windows Phone devices, with more being added everyday. MobileIron allows Dürr to centralize security and management of these devices.

"We made the decision to use Windows Phone devices secured by MobileIron because it is becoming increasingly important for employees to have mobile access to business processes,” said Thomas Müller, IT security manager of the Dürr Group. “We wanted to give our employees an alternative to the BlackBerry devices from our early mobile days."

SharePoint server as a document hub

Whether they are working at the company’s headquarters or getting work done remotely, Dürr employees rely on SharePoint to store, access, and share business documents. Team sites function as logical units with standardized structures (i.e. calendars, documents and databases), which authorized users from around the world can access. Currently, around 600 team sites are active. Dürr also provides employees with mobile access to their Exchange mailboxes and enables them to make phone calls using the Lync 2013 app.

Operations of Dürr´s MobileIron platform are spread across multiple locations. The management console (core server) for testing and normal operations is located in the DMZ of the data center at the Dürr headquarters in Bietigheim. There are also two email proxies (MobileIron Sentry servers) at this data center, and additional Sentry servers are located in the Dürr DMZ environment at the host Arvato and in the DMZ at the Dürr subsidiary HOMAG. TÜV Rheinland i-sec GmbH, drove the implementation of Dürr’s EMM platform, together with Dürr´s mobility specialists, and continues to deliver managed services and system monitoring around the clock.

MobileIron selected for its security capabilities

Security was a decisive factor when Dürr was choosing an EMM system.

“With MobileIron, we can apply security guidelines to mobile devices in a consistent and unified manner. We can also require passwords in the Exchange ActiveSync environment and, most importantly, reliably delete business data from missing or stolen devices," said Müller.

MobileIron forms a foundation of trust for our mobile IT infrastructure and it helps to ensure, for example, that company e-mails cannot be accessed by bypassing the Exchange ActiveSync protocol.

Business apps for many different areas

In the near future, Dürr will develop business apps so that employees can use the company’s extensive content more productively on mobile devices. IT and other departments have a number of suggestions for mobile business apps. The spectrum ranges from apps for management and customer service (database and availability analyses, reservations) to warehouse management (inventory queries) and construction (documentation, exploded-view drawings) to mobile development apps for plant control systems. The mobile age at Dürr will make itself known even more across all company divisions in the near future.

About Dürr

Dürr is a mechanical and plant engineering firm with operations worldwide. The company was founded in Cannstatt in 1895 by Paul Dürr and has been listed on the stock exchange since January 4, 1990. The stock is now listed in the MDAX and STOXX 600. Dürr’s customers include many automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Dürr also serves customers from the mechanical engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical and—since acquiring the HOMAG Group AG in October 2014—woodworking industries. The company’s registered office is in Stuttgart, but the de facto headquarters has been Bietigheim-Bissingen since the move in 2009. The company has 14,200 employees in 28 countries.

Key Benefits:
  • MobileIron is used to centrally manage our 2,500 Windows phone devices
  • Currently, 600 team sites are being managed around the world using MobileIron
  • MobileIron uses Lync 2013 to make mobile phone calls
  • MobileIron allows business data on stolen or missing mobile devices to be deleted remotely
  • MobileIron lets you close vulnerable points such as the Outlook Sync Backdoor
  • MobileIron is a secure foundation for future business apps
  • MobileIron forms a foundation of trust for all mobile IT at Dürr