DMG MORI uses MobileIron and APPVISORY to secure a worldwide mobile workforce

Industry: Manufacturing

"The combination of MobileIron and APPVISORY helps us ensure all of our devices are secure anywhere in the world. We can now give our mobile workforce more publicly available apps without worrying whether they pose a threat to our data.  "

Yanik Antpöhler


IT System Administration, DMG MORI

DMG MORI is a worldwide leading manufacturer of machine tools with sales revenues of around € 4 billion and more than 12,000 employees. Its integrated automation, digitization and technology solutions include turning and milling machines as well as Advanced Technologies, Ultrasonic, Lasertec and Additive Manufacturing. With 154 sales and service locations – including 14 production plants – DMG MORI is present worldwide and delivers to more than 100,000 customers from 42 industries in 79 countries.

Mobility has been a major part of the company’s innovative culture for years. To give employees the flexibility they need to be innovative wherever they work, DMG MORI supports more than 6,000 corporate-owned, multi-OS devices including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Until recently, DMG MORI relied exclusively on custom-built apps to enable employees such as sales reps to manage customer relationships around the world. However, as the company’s mobile workforce and business needs have evolved, DMG MORI decided to additionally deploy and support publicly available apps, such as Microsoft Office 365. Therefore, the company needed a way to thoroughly vet public apps which are more vulnerable to security threats than custom in-house apps.

Choosing the right UEM platform

In view of these requirements, DMG MORI chose MobileIron unified endpoint management (UEM) and technology partner APPVISORY to enable secure device and app management. MobileIron is ideal for providing complete mobile device security through automated onboarding, OS updates, and extensive ecosystem support for third-party products and management interfaces. As a first line of defense against mobile threats, MobileIron UEM helps DMG MORI provision devices with all settings and security configurations necessary. With MobileIron, the IT organization can quickly and easily provision devices through a single pane of glass, and without manually configuring the device itself. MobileIron UEM also enables admins to push and update secure apps through MobileIron Enterprise App Store.

In addition to enabling secure devices, DMG MORI also chose MobileIron because of our extensive partner ecosystem. The company looked for a UEM provider who could fully and easily integrate with technology providers like APPVISORY. Working together with MobileIron, APPVISORY provides a standardized app evaluation process and security guidelines to ensure that only secure public apps are made available to mobile users. APPVISORY checks app permissions, data accesses, target servers including server locations, use of transport encryption and encryption quality, implemented third-party libraries as well as security vulnerabilities. The MobileIron and APPVISORY solution help DMG MORI identify any risky or potentially malicious apps before they get deployed to users through MobileIron Enterprise App Store.

“The combination of MobileIron and APPVISORY helps us ensure all of our devices are secure anywhere in the world,” said Yanik Antpöhler, IT System Administration at DMG MORI. “We can now give our mobile workforce more publicly available productivity apps without worrying whether they pose a threat to our data,” he said.

Driving employee productivity and cost control

Most of the company’s mobile users work on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. They can securely access the company intranet through MobileIron [email protected] secured with Tunnel. For example, this enables sales reps to instantly access critical content such as contracts and sales manuals to follow up on leads.

DMG MORI also started expanding its Android deployment in addition to iOS, especially among its service staff. For example, service staff use their Android devices to access repair orders, take photos of equipment, and generally expedite the service process.

Looking ahead: Building a flexible and resilient mobile infrastructure

Together, MobileIron and APPVISORY provide DMG MORI with solutions that work best with the company’s business needs. By enabling the company to support its mobile footprint, MobileIron ensures that DMG MORI can choose the right tools to help mobile users stay productive wherever they work, on any device.

Key Benefits:
  • Provision secure iOS and Android devices and apps.
  • Fully vet public apps before deploying them to devices.
  • Ensure secure intranet access.
  • Help service staff provide more efficient repairs and updates.


Why Mobileiron:
  • Industry-leading UEM provider
  • Simplified mobile management and intuitive user experience
  • Leading choice for scalable, multi-OS security
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  • Intelligent App Management and App Risk Management
  • Automated integration into leading MDM software or stand alone
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