Denso Manages Full-scale BYOD Program with MobileIron

Industry: Manufacturing

"[email protected] enables us to provide secure access to our internal systems so managers can sign approvals even when they are out of the office."

Keiichiro Togo , Manager, Information Security, Denso

Denso, a leading automotive parts manufacturer in Japan, wanted to leverage iOS devices to help increase productivity and rev up their global competitiveness. To cut costs and increase business agility, Denso wanted to enable employees to use their own iOS devices for work. By choosing MobileIron to support the company’s new bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiative, Denso has been able to expedite the decision-making process and protect corporate data with security features such as the ability to selectively wipe corporate data and encrypt email attachments.

Enabling a Mobile Work Style Without Limits on Time or Location

With headquarters in Kariya City in Aichi Prefecture, Denso manages more than 100 group companies in Japan and around the world. The company became independent from Toyota in 1949 and today supplies thermal parts such as car air conditioners, radiators, engine drive-related parts, control systems for powertrains, and control computers and motors to automobile manufacturers. Denso also produces household items such as heat pumps and energy management systems.

To maintain its competitive edge, Denso wanted to enable its employees to work more productively by delivering secure work applications to smart devices.

According to Kimihide Kobayashi, general manager of the IT infrastructure office, “We realized that the ability to use email and check schedules from outside the company would be essential for the transition to a work style that places no limits on time or location. We wanted to use mobile devices to increase productivity so we could be more competitive in overseas markets.”

As part of this strategy, Denso decided to switch from managing corporate-owned devices to enabling BYOD to help cut costs and meet the demands of employees who wanted to use their own devices rather than carry a separate device for work.

MobileIron: The Right Choice for Securing BYOD Mobile Devices, Applications, and Content

In the first phase of the BYOD rollout, Denso selected the MobileIron enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform to secure and manage employee-owned iOS devices. Prior to MobileIron, Denso used Lotus Notes and Lotus Notes Traveler for basic mobile device management (MDM), but the company required more robust security features for a full-scale BYOD program.

“Lotus Notes Traveler can remotely wipe and lock devices after a set number of incorrect password entries, but it doesn't encrypt attachments, which was absolutely critical for us,” said Tetsuhiro Nakane, assistant manager of the information security planning section at Denso. “We chose MobileIron for the ability to wipe applications remotely, the company’s good implementation track record, and dependable support. MobileIron provides not just MDM features, but also a complete architecture for application containerization and content management. Separating company and personal data were also essential for our BYOD program,” he said.

MobileIron [email protected] Accelerates Internal Workflow

To expedite the decision-making process, Denso uses MobileIron [email protected] to provide a secure browsing experience and an essential productivity tool for employees.

[email protected] enables us to provide secure access to our internal systems so managers can sign approvals even when they are out of the office,” said Keiichiro Togo, manager of the information security planning section. “Documents can be reviewed immediately without having to wait several days for managers to return from business trips, which has helped us reduce overtime expenses.”

Denso has also been very satisfied with MobileIron’s service and support.

“We know that there will always be issues with any technology solution. Whenever a problem arises with our mobile implementation, MobileIron provides immediate support and the latest updates to keep us informed. We have been very pleased with their service,” said Yoichiro Niwa, operations manager at Denso.

Looking Ahead to Expanded Application and OS Support

With MobileIron, Denso plans to secure and support even more mobile applications. Users have been grouped using the LDAP system that had already been utilized with Lotus Notes, and preparations have been made so appropriate categories can be created when the range of applications are expanded. In addition, Denso plans to use MobileIron’s AppConnect to securely deliver apps such as IBM’s Sametime as a chat feature.

Denso also wants to support more mobile operating systems by including PCs in its BYOD program. The company also plans to incorporate Android devices to help simplify and accelerate workflow processes on the factory floor.

According to Kobayashi, “In the future we would like to containerize a variety of applications and provide secure mobile access to more of our internal systems. MobileIron’s platform is an essential part of our strategy to continually improve employee productivity by securely expanding our mobile capabilities.”

Key Benefits:
  • Accelerate decision-making by expanding approval processes to mobile devices
  • Increase employee productivity and global competitiveness
  • Encrypt email attachments
  • Reduce costs by allowing employees to use personal devices for work
Why Mobileiron:
  • Enables selective wipe of corporate data and applications
  • Provides separation of personal and business data on employee-owned devices
  • Offers secure browser to protect access to internal systems on mobile devices
  • Delivers multi-OS support for iOS, Android, and Windows devices