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City of Stockholm Makes Mobile a New Way of Life

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"Once you've embraced the mobile way of life, you don't want to slow down. Employees keep asking for more capabilities, and we keep finding ways to deliver. We're confident that MobileIron will continue to help us increase the mobility of our employees in ways that translate to better service for our citizens."

Constantinos Amiridis


IT Strategist, City of Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and boasts 930,000 citizens in its municipality. Located in southeast Sweden, the city is spread across 14 islands. Stockholm is not only Sweden’s most important city, but also one of the top 10 regions in Europe by gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. The city’s economy revolves around service-related jobs—and the absence of heavy industry leaves Stockholm as one of the world’s cleanest cities. Stockholm’s city government provides a wide variety of services to area residents.

Hoping to give its employees all the advantages of using today’s powerful mobile devices while minimizing the risks, the City of Stockholm recently implemented an enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform from MobileIron. With MobileIron, the city has dramatically streamlined administrative tasks for employees in several key departments, put thousands of iPads in its classrooms, and reduced printing and delivery costs by distributing documents electronically.

Ambitious Employees Push the Mobile Envelope

The more productive its employees become, the greater the quality and breadth of services the City of Stockholm can provide to the 930,000 inhabitants of its municipality. That’s why Stockholm began encouraging mobile device use by its employees as early as 2007. At the time, city employees appreciated being able to access their email on mobile devices. But when the iPhone hit the market—and employees began attempting more ambitious tasks on their devices—the city realized its simple mobile device management (MDM) solution was no longer enough to keep data secure.

”We had started out securing our devices with a fairly simple, locally-developed MDM solution,” explains Constantinos Amiridis, IT Strategist, City of Stockholm. “But there are stringent laws in Sweden around protecting corporate data. This became a greater concern as the iPhone enabled our employees to complete more and more tasks online while out of the office. We knew we needed a reliable way to protect sensitive city data and enforce our encryption policies on all employee-used devices.”

With the help of technology partners Tieto & EVRY, Stockholm began its search for a suitable EMM solution. MobileIron quickly stood out from the competition. It only took a brief pilot project for the city to be convinced that it had found its solution. Within two weeks, Stockholm had migrated to MobileIron and begun adding thousands of mobile devices to the system. Today, Stockholm uses MobileIron to secure and manage mobile devices for employees in virtually every sector of its government.

"We’re already closing in on 60,000 users,” reports Amiridis. "This is a testament to how easy it was to not only go live on MobileIron, but also add users to the system. As more and more of our city employees begin making the transition from PCs to tablets for most of their daily tasks, we expect our user base on MobileIron to continue growing."

Eliminating Paperwork Gives Back Time to Service Citizens

Employees in several of Stockholm’s departments have seen their daily tasks transformed by the ability to use mobile devices rather than pen and paper. The city’s water inspectors spend many hours each month inspecting water pumps at major water stations. In previous years, they would take written notes on the work needed to be performed, and then go back to the office and open work orders in the city’s computer system. Today, they use an in-house custom built app on an iPad to create these work orders in seconds. MobileIron AppConnect provides the secure tunnel the city needs to route this information to back-end systems.

"Our water inspectors are experiencing a tremendous boost in productivity thanks to their secure iPads,” Amiridis confirms. "We used to see 12 employees spending 25 hours per year on paperwork, which means 300 hours were being spent on an unproductive task. With mobile, we’ve virtually eliminated that manual work.”

Stockholm’s cemetery workers are also seeing a major boost in efficiency. They used to use pen, paper, and camera to document the results of their site inspections, and then return to the office to punch in data. Today, they streamline this task by using an in-house custom built app on their iPhones and the camera to collect data. Not only have they dramatically reduced the 75 hours per year they each used to spend on administrative tasks, but they’ve also streamlined the average time needed to complete work orders from six months after inspection to just one month.

Even Stockholm’s schools are embracing mobile devices as a way of enhancing the quality of education students receive. The city is aggressively deploying tablets to teachers—and they’re responding by taking full advantage of the city’s corporate app store built on MobileIron [email protected] During one recent three-month period, the city saw the download of half a million apps. Teachers and students alike are sharing city-issued iPads to complete projects. In the background, MobileIron seamlessly handles security.

"When we began deploying tablets to our teachers, we knew we needed to make the whole experience as easy as possible so that teachers wouldn’t be wasting valuable teaching time on configuring and troubleshooting their devices,” explains Amiridis. "MobileIron has enabled us to put hundreds of apps right at teachers’ fingertips, all without requiring our teachers to undergo any special technology training. We’ve put 20,000 iPads in 110 schools and we’re still going strong.”

Embracing the Mobile Way of Life

It's impossible to deny the cost-saving aspects of Stockholm’s mobile initiative. Up next, the city is planning to use MobileIron AppConnect to securely distribute many of its documents electronically, rather than relying on a traditional mail distribution service. The city is excited about the possibilities of further increasing the mobile productivity of its entire workforce.

"Once you’ve embraced the mobile way of life, you don’t want to slow down,”says Amiridis. "Employees keep asking for more capabilities, and we keep finding ways to deliver. We’re confident that MobileIron will continue to help us increase the mobility of our employees in ways that translate to better service for our citizens.”

City of Stockholm
Key Benefits:
  • Manage and secure 60,000 mobile devices for city employees
  • Streamline 300 hours per year previously spent on administrative work in water department
  • Streamline 75 hours per employee per year previously spent on administrative work in cemetery department
  • Provide 20,000 iPads to teachers and students in 110 schools
Why Mobileiron:
  • Ability to get up and running quickly even while migrating thousands of users from a previous MDM
  • Ability to support multiple mobile platforms
  • Ability to set up a corporate app store for employees