The city of Antwerp increased efficiency and quality of service with MobileIron

Industry: Government

Residents of the city of Antwerp expect their city to offer efficient and high-quality services. To fulfill this requirement in an ever-changing social environment, the city of Antwerp is strongly committed to digitization.

More than 7,000 employees work for the city of Antwerp. Since 2017, all employees have a smartphone and mobile subscription used for work. They can access apps on their smartphone enabling them to sign documents, declare illegal dumping, use checklists, and push a panic button. This information is always in the palm of their hand regardless of time and location. Using their smartphone increases operational efficiency and self-reliance for the employee, and allows for more customer-friendly service to the citizen.

Managing and protecting that many smartphones against malware and hackers is not an easy task. In addition, it is important the city of Antwerp makes certain apps available on each employee smartphone. The city of Antwerp chose the MobileIron solution delivered by Proximus and Mobitel.

MobileIron offers an enterprise mobility management solution that:

  • Checks the installation and presence of antivirus software
  • Deploys apps on every employee smartphone
  • Offers an app store with convenient, sanctioned apps
  • Manages internal documents securely and remotely.

Choosing MobileIron turned out to be a good decision. The MobileIron solution saved time and increased efficiency in the deployment and configuration of city employee smartphones, improving the end user experience while keeping the devices secured.