MobileIron helps Cepa simplify mobile HR in the Port of Antwerp

Industry: Technology

"Thanks to MobileIron and Proximus, we are able to preconfigure and update everything on the device. The user simply has to log in with their username and password and can start work immediately."

Filip Matton , Organizational Adviser and IT Manager, Cepa

Cepa is a private employers’ organization that handles Stevedoring contracts between the Port of Antwerp and dock workers. Cepa manages the complete framework for dock work, which includes human resource management, safety, training, equipment, and emergency services. Cepa puts quality of service at the core of everything they do so they can support day-to-day operations and help the port stay competitive in the global shipping market. As a result, Cepa needs to ensure its operational and communication services always provide the highest level of performance to its members as well as a broad group of stakeholders within the port community.

The Port of Antwerp relies on both permanent and contract dock workers to help fulfill shipping jobs on a daily basis. Out of 8,200 dock workers, about 40% are contractors who receive a job on a daily basis through the recruitment office, which is also known in the port as “the kot.” The recruitment process used to require dock workers to log in multiple times a day at specific times in order to view and sign up for jobs, which was time-consuming for the dock workers and also made it difficult for shipping companies to fill jobs in advance.

Cepa transforms mobile recruitment with MobileIron

To help streamline operations at the port, Cepa’s IT department wanted to mobilize critical HR processes through the Digikot web application on the MyCepa digital platform. To securely support these new mobile applications, Cepa needed a solution for mobile device management (MDM) in the short term and a more comprehensive enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution in the long term. After a recommendation from technology partner Proximus, Cepa chose MobileIron to provide the secure foundation for these initiatives.

“Working together, Proximus and MobileIron took care of the entire setup in terms of security and device configuration,” said Filip Matton, Organizational Adviser and IT Manager at Cepa. ”MobileIron turned out to be a true partner. We could add our own knowledge to the expertise of Proximus and MobileIron, which made the implementation very fast.”

Using the Digikot application, companies upload daily job offers, which dock workers can view and apply for by logging into an iPad mini secured by MobileIron. The workers then receive a response from the recruiting office through Digikot. As a result, dock workers no longer need to log in physically at the recruitment office and jobs can be filled much more quickly. In addition to applying for jobs, dock workers can also request additional job instructions, schedule upcoming holidays, and more.

“Through the combination of MobileIron and DEP-enabled iPad minis, Cepa has been able to keep the user experience very simple. Every dock worker who works through the recruitment office has access to the application through a personal token via a PC, laptop, or one of our 4,800 corporate-owned tablets,” said Matton. ”It is a very diverse user group, with workers of all ages and education levels, so we made the Digikot application very intuitive and easy to use. The user simply logs in with his username and password and can get started right away.”

Dock workers can also take a short training course at Cepa or access an online eLearning tool to learn more about device and platform features. Although some dock workers still go to the kot in person for additional help with their devices, that number is dwindling as users become more familiar with the devices and the MyCepa platform.

Looking ahead: The future of mobile HR

Cepa is currently planning more ways to expand mobile HR processes by enabling secure Wi-Fi across the port to improve connectivity for all employees. Cepa also plans to move from a web-based application to multiple applications that run transparently to the end user on mobile devices secured by MobileIron. This will support the native user experience users love while maintaining the security of enterprise data. To improve mobile app and device security, Cepa leverages its Proximus partnership with ACA mobile to enable Appconfig features such as single sign-on (SSO) through MobileIron. Software tokens will provide additional security and seamless authentication for users.

Just as important, CEPA is working on deploying a unified communication (UC) solution for the IT organization to help streamline and simplify communication and collaboration across the team. Cepa will rely on MobileIron to deploy and manage this solution to devices already in the field without requiring admins to physically access and configure the devices.

Key Benefits:
  • Online access to various HR applications saves travel time for the dock workers
  • Efficient scheduling means more jobs can be filled in advance
  • Secure devices protect sensitive data such as employee information
  • Devices can be remotely configured and updated with the latest apps and content
Why Mobileiron:
  • Leading EMM provider integrates with DEP
  • Best-in-class solution for delivering certificates to devices for various use cases
  • Innovative, scalable, and flexible platform
  • Industry-leading mobile and cloud security
  • Broad ecosystem of technology partners offers best-in-class, industry-leading solutions to solve complex customer challenges