Canon Medical Systems Europe transforms mobile workflows with MobileIron

Industry: Healthcare

"MobileIron has made our lives so much easier. With our previous solution, about 30 to 40 percent of our help desk calls were related to hardware problems. With MobileIron, our helpdesk tickets related to mobile devices have decreased dramatically."

Galton Wolff


Mobile IT Administrator, Canon Medical Systems Europe

Canon Medical Systems Europe is a Canon Group organization headquartered in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. The company markets, sells, distributes, and services CT, MR, ultrasound, diagnostic, and interventional X-ray equipment and advanced software that enables the visualization and analysis of 2D, 3D, and 4D images of anatomy and physiological functions. Canon Medical’s technology enables healthcare providers to deliver high-quality patient care through faster diagnosis and early treatment in nearly 140 countries around the world.

The European headquarters office supports several branches across Europe, with a total of 1,300 mobile users. Most of these employees work remotely and rely on secure mobile devices to access business apps, sales documents, and customer data wherever they work. The company wanted to leverage a large ecosystem of business apps designed for modern mobile operating systems like iOS.

After researching other enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions, the company chose MobileIron for its simplified remote management capabilities, ease of deployment, and intuitive user experience. Canon Medical can also deploy and update secure business apps and data on any device because they are no longer tied to a single proprietary platform.

“Simplification was a big priority,” said Galton Wolff, Mobile IT Administrator at Canon Medical. “We don’t have an extensive IT operations organization, so our mobile solution needed to be easy enough for a staff of two dedicated EMM admins to manage. We also wanted our employees to be able to use their devices right out of the box, as much as possible, without any manual setup required. MobileIron provided the perfect solution for us,” he said.

With the help of MobileIron technology partner Dahvo, Canon Medical quickly transitioned to corporate-owned iOS devices that could be configured through the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and secured by MobileIron. Dahvo helped Canon Medical with the initial design, implementation, and configuration of the MobileIron solution and provided training to help IT admins maintain the environment. Now the team can easily configure policies for password enforcement, secure email, device lock and wipe, VPN, and Wi-Fi access without having to manually access each device. Best of all, employees all across the company love using their new iOS devices for work.

“For me personally, it’s very useful to take an iPad secured by MobileIron to certain meetings instead of the computer,” said Mark Holmshaw, President and CEO of Canon Medical Systems Europe.

In addition, after implementing the MobileIron solution, the cost of management decreased from €15,90 per device per month to €7,33 per device per month. By choosing MobileIron’s simplified approach to mobile security and management, the company not only improved employee productivity, they saved on IT costs as well.

Interactive presentations are easy to access on the fly, anywhere in the world

In addition to securing calendar, contacts, and email, mobile users can access interactive mobile apps that contain Canon Medical’s entire portfolio of medical systems. These apps are pushed to iOS devices through MobileIron [email protected] Although most of the data is stored locally on the device, Canon Medical uses MobileIron Tunnel to securely update the content on the device. Salespeople around the world can now demonstrate the latest medical solutions to customers and prospects using the Canon Medical apps — eliminating the need to create PowerPoint slides or print documentation ahead of time.

“The ability to customize sales presentations right on the device, in any location, was a huge advantage for us. Prior to MobileIron, sales people would have to print information about specific products requested by the customer, such as MRI or CT machines. But if the customer wanted to know about other products, such as ultrasound machines, the rep would have to send it to the customer afterward. Now all of our product manuals are available locally on the mobile device and regularly updated, so presentations can be customized on the fly with no printing required,” said Wolff.

In addition to secure business apps, every device is configured with MobileIron [email protected], which allows users to securely access Sharepoint and other internal web services and applications. The company is also using [email protected] to allow users to access, edit, and share files. Mobile employees can use the company’s printers to scan documents directly into OneDrive for Business. After files are uploaded to OneDrive, the documents can be accessed and shared from any device through [email protected]

“The iPad secured by MobileIron is an excellent tool for ad hoc meetings because we can access secure business files immediately, in any location. This allows us to have productive, in-person meetings with customers or colleagues anywhere. It’s especially important while traveling because it supports all of our daily business needs,” said René Degros, European Sales Director at Canon Medical Systems Europe.

With MobileIron, Canon Medical can also meet strict European privacy regulations governing personal data on mobile devices. Many of these compliance regulations enforce clear guidelines about what companies can and can’t view about their employees. Since MobileIron separates personal and business apps and content on the device, IT has no way to view or access the user’s private apps and data — which simplifies compliance requirements and alleviates employees’ privacy concerns.

“MobileIron has made our lives so much easier. With our previous solution, about 30 to 40 percent of our help desk calls were related to hardware problems. With MobileIron, our helpdesk tickets related to mobile devices have decreased dramatically. We also have peace of mind knowing that if an employee’s device is lost or stolen, it can just be locked down. Previously, anyone could get access to data on the SD card, and that’s something we don’t have to worry about anymore,” said Wolff.

Looking ahead: Expanding a secure mobile footprint

Like many European companies, Canon Medical Systems Europe is putting processes in place to meet requirements for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. As part of this initiative, they want to deploy MobileIron Access to ensure employees are accessing enterprise cloud applications on trusted devices with trusted apps. Canon will also enable seamless single sign-on (SSO) to improve the user experience by enabling fast, secure access to business apps and data.

Because Canon’s footprint extends to many regions around Europe, managing devices across several support and sales teams is challenging. The company has been using different platforms to manage many endpoints and is now investigating the option to enroll these devices into MobileIron.

“Managing all of our company devices under a single MobileIron platform will make life easier for us and for our teams. It will enable our users to purchase any device locally, which we can then remotely configure with business apps, services, and security policies here in the Netherlands office. Having that capability will save us the cost and effort of shipping pre-configured devices to employees around the world and accelerate time to productivity by several days,” he said.

With MobileIron, Canon Medical can unify the management of all their endpoints, which may include any type of device or platform in addition to iOS. As a result, Canon Medical Systems Europe is successfully transforming their mobile infrastructure to support modern workflows and evolving security requirements today so they can meet new business needs down the road.

Key Benefits:
  • Customize sales presentations with interactive apps and eliminate the need to print product manuals
  • Remotely configure and enroll iOS devices with no manual intervention needed
  • Enable users to scan docs directly into OneDrive for Business and access anywhere on their mobile device
Why Mobileiron:
  • Industry-leading EMM provider
  • Simplified mobile management and intuitive user experience
  • Leading choice for scalable, multi-OS security anywhere in the world
Partner Information:


  • Iron-level MobileIron technology partner
  • Extensive expertise in planning, deploying, and maintaining MobileIron EMM solutions
  • Recipient of MobileIron Sales Engineer of the Year award for three consecutive years