CaixaBank Invests in Personal Service with MobileIron Solutions

Industry: Financial services and insurance

"We believe MobileIron offers the most robust mobile security on the market. This was our top priority when we first evaluated UEM solutions. MobileIron was the obvious choice for us."

Maria Puras


Head of Workplace Experience, CaixaBank

CaixaBank is the leading financial group in retail banking in Spain, with 15.6 million customers. It is the most important commercial network in the peninsula with nearly 5,000 branches, and it is the leader in innovation with the largest digital customer base of 6.3 million people.

The bank is developing a socially responsible universal banking model and is considered by Merco, the Spanish Corporate Reputation Business Monitor, to be the first in the Spanish financial sector in terms of corporate responsibility and corporate governance. In 2019, CaixaBank was voted Best Bank in Spain, Best Responsible Bank in Western Europe and Best Banking Transformation in Western Europe by the British magazine, Euromoney.

To serve the diverse needs of its broad customer base and sustain economic growth, CaixaBank strives to “bring the bank to the customer,” by placing a strong emphasis on innovation and mobile security. By prioritizing mobility, CaixaBank makes it easier for its employees to help customers wherever and whenever they need services.

Because mobility is key to driving innovation across every area of the company, CaixaBank requires a technology partner that supports multi-OS devices and maintains a best-of-breed partner ecosystem to avoid being locked into proprietary solutions that can’t diversify to meet changing business requirements.

MobileIron enables flexible and secure customer service anywhere

CaixaBank takes an advanced approach to mobility and security by continually evolving its mobile infrastructure to embrace new technology and to meet business needs. For instance, several years ago CaixaBank deployed thousands of Windows Phones, which provided an effective mobile solution at the time. However, with the end of Windows 10 Mobile support in 2019, CaixaBank decided to migrate to Android devices.

To support this migration, CaixaBank looked to MobileIron, the company’s long-time unified endpoint management (UEM) provider. With MobileIron UEM, CaixaBank was not only able to quickly deploy thousands of secure Android devices, the platform also supports Android Enterprise as well as CaixaBank’s requirements for VPN, encryption, data loss prevention (DLP), and device policy enforcement.

“MobileIron provides a robust solution for supporting our evolving mobile security needs, including support for Android Enterprise,” said Maria Puras, Director of Workplace Experience at CaixaBank. “In fact, we believe MobileIron offers the most robust mobile security on the market, which was our top priority when we first evaluated UEM solutions. MobileIron was the obvious choice for us,” she said.

Today, with the Android migration complete, CaixaBank can easily maintain centralized control for nearly 30,000 Android devices all while efficiently deploying third-party applications to those devices. CaixaBank uses Android Enterprise, supported by MobileIron, to containerize and protect data and applications through application sandboxing, vulnerability remediation, and device encryption.

MobileIron and Android Enterprise enable secure app deployment

Using MobileIron and Android Enterprise, CaixaBank deploys secure business apps that enable employees to bring banking services to customers wherever they work. For instance, a corporate scanning app allows managers to scan a customer’s ID and passport with a smartphone camera.

Bank customers can also enter electronic signatures directly on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. This not only makes it easier to enroll and update customer information using just a mobile device, it reduces office hardware and maintenance costs and gives managers the flexibility to meet with customers at the most convenient location.

MobileIron enables secure customer service anywhere

Together, MobileIron UEM and Android Enterprise ensure CaixaBank employees have the right apps and content they need on a single device so they can provide excellent customer service anywhere.

“By securely managing our fleet of Android devices with MobileIron, we enable employees to perform at least 90% of their work wherever they have mobile coverage,” said Carles Martinez, Transformation and Innovation Manager at CaixaBank. “Since all of CaixaBank’s business transactions are optimized for mobile devices, we can accelerate productivity and better meet customer needs without the need for any paperwork.”

Looking ahead: Evolving the zero trust security model

To continue driving innovation, CaixaBank is committed to leveraging new technologies to improve the mobile user experience and increase productivity.

“We believe in bringing together human ingenuity and technology innovation to meet the needs of all our clients,” said Puras. “To that end, our next step is to evolve our mobile infrastructure to fully embrace the zero trust security paradigm so we can confidently adopt any mobile technology that will help our employees work more productively while ensuring customer data is safe on any device or network. We’re looking forward to working with MobileIron on the next phase of our mobile security strategy.”

Key Benefits:
  • Enable seamless collaboration and improve customer service across a global infrastructure.
  • Improve productivity and innovation with modern mobile tools and security.
  • Avoid vendor lock-in with support for multi-OS technologies.
  • Support migration to Android and centralized control for 30,000 devices
Why Mobileiron:
  • Industry-leading UEM provider
  • Simplified mobile management and intuitive user experience
  • Support for multi-OS devices unlike competitive solutions
  • Fully integrated UEM platform provides comprehensive management and security