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Burger Kings uses MobileIron to deliver great-tasting fast food even faster with mobile devices

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"At Burger King Russia, we are constantly looking at new ways to stay agile and productive while keeping all of our employees and customers safe. With MobileIron, we’ve been able to accomplish many of our key mobile initiatives, and we look forward to rolling out a successful BYOD and cloud deployment in the near future.” "

Dmitry Vlasov


Head of IT Operations, Burger King Russia

Founded in 1954, Burger King is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. The brand has expanded its franchise to every corner of the globe, which today includes almost 800 restaurants throughout Russia. In 2014, Burger King Russia, which is headquartered in Moscow, was the fastest growing restaurant network in the country. Today, the company employs a workforce of nearly 4,000 people and was ranked the “Best Restaurant Chain” by the menu.ru portal.

As part of the international Burger King restaurant chain, Burger King Russia is committed to delivering the highest standards of food quality and customer service. Mobility has been key to helping the company streamline supply chain management and support essential business processes such as scheduling and logistics, inventory management, and team communication. To achieve these goals, Burger King Russia wanted to deploy hundreds of secure, corporate-owned Android tablets to different branches. IT needed a way to manage and configure their growing fleet of devices, which had previously required many hours of time-consuming manual work.

The first step to success: Choosing the right technology partners

Burger King Russia needed a way to quickly configure and deploy secure Android devices to all of their restaurants. They also need to provision those devices with corporate security policies, settings, and business apps without manually setting up each device. To get the solutions they needed, the company first turned to Headtechnology, a specialized distributor that represents best-in-class IT security vendors, including technology leaders recognized by analyst firms like Gartner. The Headtechnology team knew that Burger King Russia needed a best-practices approach to unified endpoint management (UEM), so they turned to industry leader MobileIron for a comprehensive mobile security solution.

“We knew that we needed to start with basic mobile device management (MDM) so we could get the tablets up and running quickly,” said Dmitry Vlasov, Head of IT Operations at Burger King Russia. “With MobileIron, we have been able to deploy in-house business apps in addition to company email and ensure those apps are secure and automatically updated on every device. Now, with MobileIron’s over-the-air configuration management, we can push new and updated configurations and settings to all the devices. This capability alone has enabled us to drastically reduce the need for manual configuration, which has saved our IT organization countless hours of tedious work.”

Great service and high-quality food depend on reliable and secure mobile devices and apps

Burger King Russia relies on Android devices and apps secured by MobileIron to help territory managers, directors, and administrators stay productive wherever they work. Most of the company’s apps are customized by third-party developers and support a variety of business tasks such as route planning and optimization for delivery, asset inventory management, and restaurant review submissions. These apps are securely deployed to Android devices through MobileIron [email protected], so all apps and updates can be pushed to devices without requiring any action from the end user.

Restaurant managers also use [email protected] to access an in-house application for mobile analytics, document management, and collaboration across an entire chain of stores. This application provides detailed daily sales KPIs by stores, historical KPI navigation, and customized reports. As a result, managers can easily view daily store sales results, revenue, number of customers, and more. Managers can also initiate maintenance and repair requests just by clicking the tabs inside the application. This ensures that essential tasks can be completed faster without the need to manually update work orders.

With secure mobility enabled by MobileIron, employees can stay connected and collaborate in real time with team members across different branches, which helps improve overall service and productivity while reducing costs.

Looking ahead: Moving to BYOD and the cloud

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Burger King Russia has needed to rapidly expand its mobile workforce. To do this, the company is currently working on a BYOD program to enable employees to use their own devices for work. Using MobileIron, the company can ensure that company data stays secure by containerizing apps on each device. So if the device is ever lost, stolen, or retired, all of the company apps and data can be wiped while leaving the user’s personal apps and data intact. As a result, employees can work from anywhere without putting company data at risk.

In addition, Burger King Russia is planning to move its entire mobile infrastructure to the cloud with the help of Headtechnology and MobileIron. As part of this initiative, the company is looking at MobileIron Access to provide seamless and secure conditional access to all of these cloud resources.

“At Burger King Russia, we are constantly looking at new ways to stay agile and productive while keeping all of our employees and customers safe. With MobileIron, we’ve been able to accomplish many of our key mobile initiatives, and we look forward to rolling out a successful BYOD and cloud deployment in the near future.”

Burger King
Key Benefits:
  • Ensure only compliant devices can access corporate resources
  • Seamlessly deploy business apps through secure enterprise app store
  • Boost productivity by eliminating many paper-based processes
  • Give employees easy access to apps that increase their productivity
Why Mobileiron:
  • Supports multiple mobile operating systems
  • Provides better visibility and control across the entire mobile infrastructure
  • Delivers high-quality, comprehensive lifecycle management for mobile devices and apps
Partner Information:

Why Headtechnology

  • Highly skilled and responsible adviser with deep technical knowledge
  • Experienced with best practices approach to successful UEM implementation
  • Full-service implementation, integration, and rollout of MobileIron