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Brussels Airport Upgrades to a Multi-OS BYOD Solution with MobileIron

Industry: Transportation

"MobileIron makes it extremely easy for us to configure and manage critical applications like email and calendar. Otherwise, it would be major work for us."

David Van ZeeBroeck , Product Manager, Unix Infrastructure

Brussels Airport, located just outside of the Belgian capital, is one of the main airport hubs in Europe and serves more than 19 million passengers each year. The airport is staffed by nearly 1,000 employees who manage everything from luggage and freight to air traffic control and business performance. The original site was constructed in 1940, and today the airport hosts more than 260 companies in a state-of-the-art facility.

As part of Brussels Airport’s ongoing modernization process, the airport’s IT organization needed to upgrade their infrastructure to enable greater employee mobility. Business managers specifically wanted to use their own iPhones, iPads, and Android devices instead of company-issued BlackBerrys. To support this transition, Brussels Airport turned to Mobco and MobileIron for a secure enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution to help protect corporate data on mobile devices without sacrificing the native device experience.

The Great Migration from BlackBerry to Multi-OS

In 2013, Brussels Airport initiated a plan to build a multi-OS BYOD environment that could support employee-owned iOS and Android devices and migrate off of corporate issued BlackBerrys. To manage this transition, the IT organization wanted an EMM solution to help them securely provision devices, configure company policies, and remotely wipe corporate data whenever a device is lost or stolen, or when an employee leaves the company.

Reseller partner, Mobco, played a pivotal role in guiding Brussels Airport to the right EMM solution. Ulrik Van Schepdael, Mobco founder, said "Based on our experience in the Financial industry, we were able to help Brussels Airport in providing the best security possible for their email traffic without impacting the user experience."

Brussels Airport also reviewed a number of analyst reports and put MobileIron on its list of the top three vendors to evaluate. After comparing the capabilities of MobileIron, McAfee, and Zenprise, Brussels Airport chose MobileIron because of the platform’s ability to meet all of the airport’s critical requirements.

“Email access is absolutely essential to our employees,” says David Van Zeebroeck, Product Manager, Unix Infrastructure at Brussels Airport. “MobileIron makes it extremely easy for us to configure and manage critical applications like email and calendar. Otherwise, it would be major work for us.”

Since implementing MobileIron, Brussels Airport has fully completed its migration off of BlackBerry. Today, the airport manages a multi-OS environment that primarily supports iOS and Android devices, with roughly half of those devices owned by employees and the other half owned by the company. Employees are now using the mobile devices of their choice while Brussels Airport has the confidence and peace of mind they are protecting corporate data.

Delivering First-Class Security and Privacy

In addition to supporting BYOD, MobileIron enables Brussels Airport to protect end-user privacy and assists with ongoing policy compliance efforts. With the MobileIron platform, IT ensures all corporate data on the device is encrypted, and can quickly revoke network access and delete corporate data when the device falls out of compliance.

Brussels Airport relied on materials developed by MobileIron’s Professional Services team to ensure a smooth rollout to employees.

“To communicate our policies regarding BYOD usage, we used the templates MobileIron provided and amended them with our own HR requirements,” Van ZeeBroeck explains. “It was a very easy process and helps us comply with government regulations while letting our employees know that their privacy is fully protected when using their personal device to access company resources.”

As a result, BYOD users have clear guidelines indicating what IT can and cannot see on their devices — reassuring employees that their personal data is private and secure.

Preparing Apps for Takeoff

Brussels Airport currently maintains a public app that allows travelers to access flight and localization data inside the airport. The IT team is also developing a new app that will allow employees to notify the facilities department about needed repairs, such as a broken door or light switch. This will help the facilities team quickly identify and prioritize maintenance requests across the airport.

Mobco is pleased with the initial phase of the MobileIron deployment.


"In all our projects we balance security, user experience and operational excellence”, says Van Schepdael. “It basically means we provide IT the tools to manage and secure more devices with less effort, at the same time we provide the user an experience that goes beyond their expectations. At Mobco our Mobile Experts build the architecture and integrate the tools to respond to these challenges."

Looking Ahead

In the near future, Brussels Airport plans to deploy MobileIron’s secure browser [email protected] to give employees access to web apps such as SharePoint on their mobile devices. Employees use SharePoint as a primary collaboration tool so providing access to that content anytime, anywhere, on any device will deliver a significant boost to user satisfaction and time management.

Overall, MobileIron has helped Brussels Airport exceed employee expectations and productivity goals in just the first few months of the company’s mobile deployment.


“Users are thrilled because they no longer have to carry a PC with them when they travel for business,” says Van ZeeBroeck. “They can access everything they need securely from their smartphone or tablet.”


Brussels Airport
Key Benefits:
  • Enable managers and employees to use their preferred device for work
  • Greatly simplify email and calendar management on mobile devices
  • Easily provision devices and configure BYOD policies
  • Instantly wipe data and revoke access if a device is lost or stolen
  • [email protected] will provide employees access web apps such as SharePoint on their mobile devices
Why Mobileiron:
  • Enables fast migration from BlackBerry to multi-OS environment
  • Able to meet existing EMM needs and scale for future requirements
  • Flexible licensing structure