Automotive Supplier BOS Assembles a Mobile IT Strategy with MobileIron

Industry: Professional services

"Using the MobileIron solution we can reliably discern which end-user mobile devices are connecting to our groupware solution exchange and who the users are."

Svend Horn


Systems Operations, Project Manager, BOS GmbH & Co. KG

Automotive supplier BOS GmbH & Co. KG is no stranger to Mobile IT requirements especially for the customer-facing departments and staff, where ‘Mobile First’ has become the mantra. Mobile is considered business-critical and the company wants employees to be able to choose from a variety of devices and the MobileIron Platform provides BOS GmbH & Co. KG with the foundation to support a wide range of devices and operating systems.

You are likely to find BOS products regardless of whether a car is finished in Europe, North America or Asia. As an international company with locations worldwide, BOS develops, manufactures and distributes innovative systems and components for the automotive industry. Over the last 100 years BOS has developed into a global player working hard to acquire the technological and market leadership in essential vehicle product fields. Continuous innovation and improvements, cost-optimized development and production processes as well as highest quality ensure competitive advantages and satisfied customers.

BOS GmbH & Co. KG is also a pioneer when it comes to Mobile IT. The automotive supplier has relied on centrally managed mobile devices for years. Mobile devices are used most heavily by managers and staff who are in customer-facing roles such as sales and project management, as well as by key personnel in customer support departments. The mobile devices span a range of operating systems. Operating systems and devices that are currently supported include:

  • iOS: iPhone 4, 4S, and 5, the majority of which are running iOS 6
  • Windows Phone 8: HTC 8S and 8X, and Lumia 920
  • Android: Samsung Galaxy 3
  • Windows Phone 7.5: Nokia 900 and E series
  • Symbian Anna: Nokia E series

The MobileIron Platform - keeping stride with the latest devices

With its multi-OS security and management capabilities, MobileIron enables BOS employees to be more productive by using the device of their choice. BOS chose the MobileIron Platform to replace a competitor’s product which could no longer keep up with the company’s Mobile IT requirements.

"Using the MobileIron solution we can reliably discern which end-user mobile devices are connecting to our groupware solution exchange and who the users are," said Svend Horn, Project Manager at BOS GmbH & Co. KG. "Denying unregistered devices access to the exchange server and the ability to securely delete internal data on a mobile device that has been lost or stolen was a key requirement when it came to selecting the MDM/MEM platform."

Working with implementation partner TÜV Rheinland i-sec GmbH, BOS defined the selection criteria which emphasized a solution that would be able to cover the latest devices because BOS wanted a platform that would support Samsung KNOX devices because of the enterprise security features. MobileIron’s support for Samsung KNOX devices gives BOS the ability to be able to support the newest enterprise-focused Android offerings.

Management of certificates and mobile apps in the pipeline

Implementation at BOS GmbH & Co. KG clearly demonstrates the advantages of the MobileIron platform: secure mail communications between end-user mobile devices and the exchange server; the ability to uniformly configure end-user devices while simultaneously simplifying device administration; integration with Active Directory and Exchange ActiveSync; and, most importantly, the use of certificates. MobileIron uses certificates to authenticate user identity, to encrypt data-at-rest and data-in-motion, and for VPN. BOS plans to build on its existing certificate authority (CA) and integrate the certificates generated there into the MobileIron Platform. BOS also intends to use MobileIron to secure and manage mobile apps in the next phases of its Mobile First initiatives.

Good planning and broad cooperation facilitated a speedy rollout

As a global company, BOS has made huge strides in enterprise mobility. When BOS realized its first platform was insufficient, they spent three months evaluating several Mobile IT platform providers as well as several implementation service providers before opting for MobileIron and TÜV Rheinland i-sec GmbH. For the next month, BOS conducted a proof of concept. They then negotiated the business details and did further tests before initiating the final rollout.

The successful implementation of a Mobile IT platform requires extensive technological and organizational preparation. BOS GmbH &Co. KG took the time to not only thoroughly evaluate the technology and service providers, but moreover to keep the various stakeholders - managers, HR, and staff representatives - up to speed with consistent information across the board. There was discussion and compromise, and in the end, this cooperation and preparation resulted in a speedy and conflict-free rollout.

Key Benefits:
  • Manage a wide range of devices including Android, iOS, Windows, and Symbian
  • Deny network access to unregistered devices
  • Wipe corporate information from stolen or lost mobile devices
  • Manage Samsung KNOX devices
  • Use certificates to authenticate device and user identity