Bank M2M Europe Secures Mobile Data and Apps with MobileIron

Industry: Financial services and insurance

"MobileIron is a major part of our long-term plan to scale our mobile capabilities so we can continue to provide the innovative, flexible service our clients expect from us."

Uldis Bielis, Head of Information Security, Bank M2M Europe

Bank M2M Europe was founded in 1992 to provide private banking and wealth management services to high net worth clients. With long-term experience in global financial markets, investment fund management, and discretionary portfolio management, the bank has a well-earned reputation for outstanding financial services and client success. The bank currently serves more than 400 families in countries and around the world, and manages assets totaling more than EUR 329 million.

To meet the needs of their international client base, the M2M team is always striving for new ways to provide efficient, innovative, and flexible financial solutions while maintaining complete client confidentiality and data security. As a result, secure mobility is a critical component of the bank’s everyday operations, which is why they chose MobileIron to support their mobile initiatives.

Supporting Mobility without Sacrificing Security

Most of M2M’s employees use iPhones, iPads, or Android devices for work on a daily basis. About 20 percent of employees use company-owned mobile devices, while others rely solely on their personal smartphones and tablets. Although mobile devices allow employees to access business apps and client information from anywhere, securing those devices is just as important as improving productivity for employees on the go.

“As a bank we are fully committed to ensuring the highest level of client confidentiality and data accuracy for our customers,” said Uldis Bielis, head of information security for Bank M2M Europe. “We needed the right enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider to help us maintain our high security standards on mobile devices, and that’s why we chose MobileIron,” he said.

Another essential decision factor was the availability of implementation support from MobileIron partner Data Security Solutions. With the help of their dedicated partner, Bank M2M Europe was able to successfully roll out MobileIron EMM and train employees during the initial testing phase.

To start, 20 employees from different business divisions were selected to test MobileIron on their devices. The most important success factor was ensuring that top management and private bankers could quickly and securely access the information they needed on their devices during client engagements.

After a successful initial rollout, Bank M2M Europe can now separate business and personal apps and data on mobile devices. Not only does this keep client data safe, it reassures employees that IT can’t view or tamper with their personal information. Users can access secure email and web applications on their devices thanks to MobileIron’s integration with Active Directory and Exchange ActiveSync for Sentry access control. This allows employees to securely open, edit, and share client documentation from their mobile devices — a capability that has drastically cut the bank’s printing costs. Best of all, security is seamless and invisible to end users so it never disrupts their workflow.

Growth Forecast: Securing More Devices, Apps, and Content with MobileIron

M2M is a fast-growing financial services company, and in the near future the bank plans to add more licenses from MobileIron. The bank is currently working on a Web@Work initiative to give employees secure intranet access to backend resources. They are also launching SharePoint functionality so that employees can access secure file exchange on their mobile devices.

“MobileIron is a major part of our long-term plan to scale our mobile capabilities so we can continue to provide the innovative, flexible service our clients expect from us,” said Bielis. “We’re looking forward to the next phase of our implementation.”

Bank M2M
Key Benefits:
  • Increase employee productivity by enabling users to securely access work apps and content during client meetings
  • Protect confidential client information on mobile devices
  • Lower costs by allowing employees to use personal devices for work
  • Separate personal and business data and apps on mobile devices
Why Mobileiron:
  • Industry leader in enterprise mobility management (EMM)
  • Exceptional partner support in region
  • Multi-OS support for iOS and Android devices
Partner information:
  • Data Security Solutions is 100% IT security focused and specialized in complex, innovative cyber security technology integration and full scope of related services.
  • DSS technology solutions consists of and includes Data Protection, Endpoint Security, Network Security, Mobile Security, Application Security, Identity Protection, Cloud Security and Security Management.
  • For years it has been one of the top cyber security system integrators in the Baltic Sea Region.
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