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Aston Martin Lagonda accelerates mobile innovation with MobileIron Cloud

Industry: Manufacturing

"Switching to MobileIron Cloud has made IT’s job so much easier. We’ve been able to automate a lot of routine IT tasks. We can push apps and security configurations to any device, whether it’s just one device or the entire fleet. And, because device deployment is so seamless, we rarely hear users complain about device or app problems."

Matt Wood


IT Operations Engineer, Aston Martin Lagonda

Founded in England in 1913, Aston Martin Lagonda is known worldwide for its luxury, high-performance cars and automotive design excellence. In addition to beautiful design, Aston Martin cars are also famous for their innovative engineering. After more than a century since its founding, the company now maintains a workforce of 3,000 people and a global dealer network in 160 locations across 53 countries.

Preserving a brand famous for the world’s most beautiful and cutting-edge cars requires the company to continually modernize its operations while remaining true to its legacy. This means building a digital workspace that enables business workers, designers, plant workers, and salespeople around the world to securely access the data and tools they need to meet Aston Martin Lagonda’s high standards for performance and excellence.

MobileIron delivers a scalable and simplified solution

In order to support its growing business and secure and manage its global, multi-OS fleet of iOS and Android devices, Aston Martin Lagonda chose MobileIron Cloud as its new Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform.

Although the company was previously using a UEM tool, Aston Martin needed to provide its employees with secure access to multi-OS devices, improve its user experience and simplify its device enrollment. After evaluating several replacement solutions, Aston Martin Lagonda knew MobileIron Cloud was the right choice to support its enterprise mobility needs moving forward.

“Switching to MobileIron Cloud has made IT’s job so much easier,” said Matt Wood, IT Operations Engineer at Aston Martin Lagonda. “We’ve been able to automate a lot of routine IT tasks. For instance, remote troubleshooting drastically reduces calls to our help desk. We can also push apps and security configurations to any device, whether it’s just one device or the entire fleet. And because device deployment is so seamless, we rarely hear users complain about device or app problems,” he said.

MobileIron Cloud drives greater device management efficiency

To support mobile innovation across the company, Aston Martin Lagonda needed a way to securely enable a variety of multi-OS devices, including Android smartphones and Zebra devices as well as iPads and iPhones.

Most of the company’s employees use Android devices, although the executive team and business managers rely on iOS devices. MobileIron helped the IT team to quickly set up Android Enterprise and push configurations and apps to these devices. Android Enterprise provides APIs and other tools that enable companies to leverage UEM features in Android devices that can be owned by either employees or the company. Aston Martin Lagonda’s Android fleet includes company-owned Motorola Android devices as well as Zebra devices, which are enrolled in kiosk mode with a single app used by plant workers to track parts and delivery.

“By using MobileIron Cloud, we’ve been able to save money because we can better control inventory by tracking the location of every device,” said Wood. “For example, prior to Zebra devices managed by MobileIron, front line plant workers tracked automotive parts using a scan gun. Those scanning devices were often misplaced, which required us to buy new ones. With MobileIron Cloud, we can determine the location of every device so it’s rare if one is ever completely lost. Also, If an employee leaves the company, we can easily wipe all of our company apps and data and repurpose the device for another employee to use instead of purchasing a new one.”

Secure mobile apps spark modern innovation

Thanks to mobile devices secured by MobileIron, Aston Martin Lagonda eliminated the need for landline phones because employees can now communicate primarily through the mobile Skype for Business app. This has led to significant cost savings in the company’s offices around the world because they no longer need to maintain phone systems. Mobile conferencing apps have also been a big boost to productivity because employees can collaborate on the fly wherever they work — without being tied to their desks or the office. In addition to enhancing employee collaboration and increasing productivity, Aston Martin Lagonda leverages mobility to provide more innovative customer experiences. For instance, the company has been able to replace static paper signage about car specs with iPads that feature video and slideshow presentations in the showrooms. These iPads are also featured at car shows around the world where prospective customers can view interactive videos of cars and content and enter their contact information for updates about sales and events.

“By moving to secure iPads at events, we’ve been able to better organize sales leads. The team no longer has to collect business cards because we can be more mobile and interactive by enabling reps to engage attendees with tablets secured by MobileIron Cloud,” said Wood.

Looking ahead: Improving secure mobile authentication

Moving forward, the company plans to leverage Android Zero Touch in conjunction with MobileIron Cloud to further simplify Android device management. Aston Martin Lagonda is also continuing to onboard devices across the company in order to take full advantage of all of MobileIron Cloud’s security, device, and app management features.

“Our goal is to tighten up mobile security by better controlling access to our business apps and services,” said Wood. “Our audit team is working closely with IT to ensure we can deploy the most up-to-date policies on every device that accesses business data through MobileIron Cloud.”

Aston Martin Lagonda
Key Benefits:
  • Configure and provision multi-OS devices to company locations around the world.
  • Cloud-based UEM reduces hardware costs and supports a more flexible and scalable infrastructure.
  • Improve mobile collaboration across the company’s global network.
Why Mobileiron:
  • Industry-leading UEM provider Simplified mobile management and intuitive user experience Leading choice for scalable, multi-OS security
  • Why MobileIron Cloud: Cost-effectively scales to meet changing business requirements and growth Eliminates cost of maintaining on-prem hardware
  • Easy to configure, deploy, and upgrade devices and apps across the entire lifecycle