Zero trust security for the Everywhere Enterprise

Over recent months, international lockdowns have forced businesses to work remotely, leading network perimeters to dissolve and traditional enterprise security models to fail. Cloud has shifted to the backend while mobile has come to the forefront.

The new remote working environment has evolved our business computing requirements to follow in the footsteps of our consumer preferences. “Consumerization of IT” is no longer a buzzword, but rather today’s reality. Mobile devices deliver the best user experience, while cloud services power the modern enterprise engine of innovation and choice.

However, with workforces outside the network perimeter, a central security challenge has emerged, as traditional arbiters of trust have become insignificant. Cloud security policies such as firewalls, VPNs and web gateways and on-premises security policies including locked-down Windows PCs can no longer address this new perimeter-less world.

At MobileIron, we take a zero trust security approach, which means secure access is determined by a “never trust, always verify” model. We ensure only trusted devices, apps and users can access enterprise resources. Zero trust security protects your data wherever it is and uses a comprehensive set of attributes to determine compliance before granting access to corporate data. Only then can you rest assured that your employees and business resources are safe in this new perimeter-less, Everywhere Enterprise model.

The global rush to enable remote working has seen many organizations struggle with security. But before business leaders think about technology and how this can support a secure working environment, they need to focus on a new model of trust.

In the absence of existing security controls, many IT professionals have looked to user authentication as the main mechanism of establishing who gets access to what company data and when. But user trust is not enough to protect businesses against both external and insider threats. For instance, users on compromised smartphones shouldn’t be able to access privileged company data, no matter how “trusted” they are.

All businesses should immediately turn to a zero trust security model to significantly reduce threats posed on any corporate device, and enable employees to work from anywhere. To find out more about how MobileIron can provide a comprehensive solution that fits your needs, contact a MobileIron sales representative.

Christof Baumgärtner

Christof Baumgärtner

Chief Revenue Officer

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As Chief Revenue Officer, Christof is responsible for MobileIron’s global sales and marketing organization. Christof brings more than 25 years of management experience in Sales, Product Management and Engineering roles to the organization. Christof’s career at MobileIron started in running sales and building the channel in the DACH region. Due to the on-going repeatable success he got responsibility for larger territories over his more than 8 year tenure at MobileIron and was appointed to Chief Revenue Officer in April 2020.