Is Your Lost Mobile Device A Back-Door to Sensitive Data?

If you answered “yes,” you’re lost or stolen mobile device may be your Achilles heel

As the amount of data that flows across devices, apps, networks, and cloud services continues to increase, it is essential that organisations have the right security protocols in place to minimise risk and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data if a device is lost or stolen. The average enterprise uses up to almost 1,000 cloud-based applications, meaning there’s a high volume of data that might be exposed when a device is lost or stolen. In fact, just one lost or stolen device provides a goldmine of readily accessible and highly critical data to potential fraudsters and hackers. This is especially the case within the public sector, as those mobile devices hold particularly sensitive data and information that must be protected at all costs, such as the public’s health and education records.

That’s why MobileIron recently conducted a Freedom of Information (FoI) request to investigate the number of mobile and laptop devices lost by staff from nine ministerial departments in the UK. Shockingly, the FoI request revealed 508 mobile and laptop devices had been lost since January 2018 alone. What’s more, the request revealed that only 10% of the devices lost by these public sector employees were ever recovered, serving as a stark reminder that government departments need to put security concerns at the forefront of any mobile security strategy.

Government organisations need to rethink their cybersecurity strategy and implement an always verify, never trust approach to establish complete control over their data, wherever it lives. A mobile-centric zero trust approach validates the device, establishes user context, checks app authorization, verifies the network, and detects and remediates threats before granting secure access to a device or user. This allows for continuous enforcement and protection of data – even on a lost or stolen device – by ensuring only authorized users, devices, apps, and services can access business resources.

MobileIron’s mobile-centric, zero trust security platform is built on the foundation of award-winning and industry-leading unified endpoint management (UEM) capabilities with additional zero trust-enabling technologies, including zero sign-on (ZSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and mobile threat defense (MTD). Learn more here:

David Critchley

Regional Director of UK & Ireland