Windows 10: Built to Run Your Business

This week at the BUILD conference, Microsoft shared details of Windows 10 features for business customers. Many IT professionals are starting to realize just how big the new Windows 10 capability and security enhancements will be. This is why, at MobileIron, we have been so excited about the launch.

MobileIron has been working with Microsoft for over a year on the planning, design, and architecture of the interfaces between EMM and Windows 10. As you can imagine, this is not a simple process. Design meetings are best done in person, which is one of the reasons our MobileIron Windows development team is based in Bellevue, Washington, surrounded by Microsoft, and is just a 10-minute drive from their main campus.

Microsoft announced Windows 10 and highlighted some of the exciting consumer-oriented features back in January. Now it’s time to get excited about the enterprise features. One of the most important changes with Windows 10 is the organizational and technical unification of Windows Phone and what we call “Big Windows.” Now applications developed once and optimized for different screen sizes will be able to run on any device from smartphones to large desktops. They will also be able to use the same EMM protocol for security and management . This convergence allows MobileIron to secure and manage any device running Windows 10, independent of form factor.

Windows 10 also reflects an important architectural shift in the way users, applications, and devices are secured and managed. The new approach is more scalable, provides better ROI, and prioritizes user experience. There is no longer a need to join Windows PCs to a domain and use Group Policy Objects for the security and configurations required by IT. Companies will be able to move from the traditional, time-consuming, and costly full imaging of a device to an over-the-air security model using MobileIron in the same way they do for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

Windows 10 is not just about architectural modernization, however. It will also provide an impressive set of new features: New security policies that are the same on any form factor, new application deployment models, Microsoft Store integration, enhanced connectivity options, updates and patch management, and an innovative approach to credential and data protection. Some of these are well defined already, and you can learn more about them on our . As we work with Microsoft to finalize the final Windows 10 feature set, we will be releasing more videos and previews of our software prior to Windows 10 general availability.

For more information, please contact MobileIron or come talk to us at our Mobile First Conference in San Francisco from June 9-12 2015. I will be there together with many of my product management and engineering colleagues.

Tomas Vetrovsky