Windows 10 and EMM Change the PC Management Game

PC management has evolved significantly over the years in an effort to support rapidly changing enterprise needs. Today, a common model of PC management requires devices to join a domain that’s governed by a set of group policy objects (GPOs), which defines what a system looks like and how it behaves for a certain group of users. Combined with tools such as LANDESK and SCCM, this model is most effective when all devices are connected to a persistent LAN. However, the security model for end user computing is evolving. The current outdated management tools lack the flexibility needed to secure and manage intermittently connected mobile devices — which enterprise users are adopting at a much faster rate than legacy, domain-joined devices. As a result, IT admins need a more consistent and secure platform to manage the broad variety of devices across the enterprise.

Windows 10 addresses this gap by shifting device management from domain-joining to establishing EMM as a single point of trust in the enterprise. Windows 10 converges traditional Windows operating systems and provides a unified set of MDM APIs through a single platform. With this convergence, IT can secure and manage any Windows 10 device by accessing MDM protocols through an EMM provider like MobileIron. Windows 10 also modernizes app deployment, because now Win32 applications can be deployed through EMM along with modern apps.

These changes make it easier for PC management teams to secure both PCs and mobile devices using the same platform for some of the most common use cases. Although traditional tools are still required for some situations, PC management teams will face more pressure to augment their current toolset with EMM, especially as more enterprise users upgrade to Windows 10 devices. In fact, Gartner Research estimates that by 2018, 40 percent of organizations will use EMM tools to manage at least a portion of their Windows PCs — a dramatic jump from less than five percent today.[1]

We are now entering a new era where Windows 10 combined with the power of EMM changes the game when securing and managing PCs and mobile devices.

[1] Saran, Cliff. “What Will Desktop Management Look Like in 2020?” Computer Weekly.

Abby Guha

Director, Global Product Marketing

About the author

Abby Guha is a 20 year veteran of the tech industry. Before joining MobileIron in 2014, she worked extensively in product and corporate marketing across the enterprise apps, security, and cloud computing spaces in companies such as Oracle, EMC, RSA Security, Nokia, and Symantec. In her current role as Director of Global Product Marketing, Abby develops messaging and positioning for MobileIron’s enterprise mobility management solutions, creates a wide array of sales and customer-facing content, and oversees the complete go-to-market initiatives that bring product to market and subsequently drive success through the right channels. Follow Abby on LinkedIn.