What's New with MobileIron Cloud Summer Update 2016

With the latest updates to MobileIron Cloud over the last four months, enterprises can now enjoy greater efficiency and security when driving mobility initiatives, both for the enterprise IT organization as well as users. Here are the top things to remember about this update!

Compelling enterprise-relevant iOS 9.3 features

The latest release of MobileIron Cloud offers new enterprise-relevant iOS 9.3 features that provide greater security, flexibility, and control for organizations. Included are the following.

Home Screen Layout

iOS 9.3 enables IT admins to control the presentation of apps, icons and web-clips on the home screen of a supervised device. MobileIron Cloud support for Home Screen Layout not only provides a more consistent user experience, it makes the job of the IT admin easier.

Blacklist and Whitelist Restrictions

iOS 9.3 Blacklist and Whitelist restrictions are now available for supervised devices. IT admins can now block specific apps or specify that only certain apps are accessible on supervised devices. MobileIron Cloud support for Blacklist and Whitelist restrictions provides peace of mind for IT admins as they battle to ensure security for their mobile infrastructure.

Notifications Controls

iOS 9.3 gives IT admins more flexibility and control over notifications pushed to apps on supervised devices. For example, audio alert only, visual alert only, or no alert at all might be selected depending on the user or sensitive nature of a particular app. IT admins can also prevent notifications from appearing on the device lock screen. MobileIron Cloud support for Notifications Controls pays dividends in terms of improved usability and enhanced security.

MDM Lost Mode

iOS 9.3 introduced a new MDM Lost Mode feature for Apple DEP-enrolled, supervised devices, which simply requires an IT admin to flag a device as “Lost,” at which point the device will report its geolocation to MobileIron Cloud - even if the location services have been disabled on the device. Enhanced mobile security and increased chances for recovery of supervised devices are made possible with MDM Lost Mode and MobileIron Cloud.

Improved Password Restrictions

iOS 9.3 enables IT admins to prevent users of supervised devices from saving passwords locally in Safari. Now Mobileiron Cloud admins can take advantage of this improved security feature in iOS 9.3 to protect corporate data by preventing users from storing passwords for protected and secured web services.

Disallow iRadio

iOS 9.3 enables IT admins to prevent use of iRadio on supervised devices. Now, using MobileIron Cloud and Disallow iRadio, IT admins can easily prevent streaming of this unauthorized content on hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of devices - potentially avoiding costly data plan overage penalties.

Help@Work for iOS

MobileIron Cloud has long provided Help@Work for Android. We are excited to bring this powerful support capability to iOS devices. Support can now speed mean-time-to-resolution and provide users with a better experience - both of which are critical to the ongoing success of mobility initiatives.

Allow Android Apps to Access Corporate Resources Behind the Firewall

Previously available on MobileIron Cloud for iOS and Windows 10 only, Tunnel for Android for Work Native allows organizations to authorize specific business apps to access corporate resources behind the firewall. Unapproved and personal apps are blocked so that only business data flows through Tunnel. The end game here is improved support and security for Android on MobileIron Cloud.

Simplified Device Registration Improves Experience for Users and IT Admins

MobileIron Cloud now enables device ownership to be assigned automatically at the time of device registration, as either a corporate-owned (supervised) or personally-owned (BYOD) device. This streamlined registration process ensures better user experience, improved device accountability and enhanced ability to monitor devices.

Ability to Display Custom Notifications

System usage notification enables organizations to include a custom notification and logo to appear onscreen with every attempted login to the MobileIron Cloud Admin Console. For instance, an organization might choose to advise that system usage is monitored and recorded, and warn against unauthorized use.

So, there you have it, the key features in this Summer update of MobileIron Cloud.

Matthew Law

Product Marketing Manager - Mobile Security at MobileIron

About the author

Matt Law has more than 20 years of combined experience in tech product management, product marketing and sales. Prior to joining MobileIron as a product marketing manager for mobile security, he served in similar roles in the areas of high-performance computing (HPC), backup and recovery (BAR), continuous data protection (CDP) and desktop virtualization.  A Florida native, and graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa, Matt migrated west via Colorado, and now resides in Southern California with his wife and two children. In his spare time, he enjoys outdoor activities, loud guitars and open chords.