What's the biggest risk to mobile security? Users not installing the app.

Did you know that if you want users to deploy a security application on their mobile device, according to the industry average only 50-60% of users will actually do it over a three-month period? This adoption rate increases to more than 80% if it is a corporate directive. Now, you don’t need to rely on users to act, and you don’t need to wait. You can deploy MobileIron Threat Defense immediately without asking users to do a thing – an industry first. Users don’t need to download or activate a client on their mobile device to protect the company from losing data due to a malicious mobile attack.

MobileIron Threat Defense offers immediate and insightful visibility into device, network, and application threats with machine learning algorithms to stop attacks on the mobile device, before they can cause damage. Here’s what makes us different from others:

  • One app: Threat protection built into enterprise mobility management
  • Zero-day: Immediate visibility into known and unknown threats, with no network connectivity required
  • On-device: Threat detection and remediation on-device using machine learning algorithms
  • No user action required: Users don’t need to deploy or activate the client

Mobile threats are real, they are escalating each year, and they are everywhere. With MobileIron Threat Defense, organizations can keep users happy and productive, uphold privacy policies, and protect mobile devices from a malicious attack that could compromise the corporate network and cause future loss of data. One app makes it easy for IT, provides insightful threat intelligence, and remediates threats on-device, even if it is not connected to either the Wi-Fi or cellular network. And, users don’t need to take any action.

The world of modern work requires modern security. Talk to your MobileIron representative or channel partner to learn more about how you can protect your company data now with MobileIron Threat Defense.

Ellie Ruano

Senior Lead Manager, Product Marketing

About the author

Ellie Ruano is a senior lead manager for MobileIron and has over 25 years of technology marketing experience. Her focus area is on cloud security and threat defense for mobile devices.  Before joining MobileIron, Ellie led cloud product marketing for Cisco Systems, and new product introduction with wireless organizations.

Ellie is a first generation American with roots in The Netherlands. She was born and raised in California and loves all things sports.