Webinar series: Quickly enabling a remote workforce in a time of pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, many organizations are following federal and global guidelines from the CDC and WHO in order to make the right accommodations to prioritize the health of their workforce. As a result, many companies are encouraging employees to work remotely. 

Whether you are considering issuing more corporate-owned devices or enabling a BYOD program for employees who are now at home and who need to connect securely and seamlessly to corporate applications, the MobileIron unified endpoint management (UEM) platform has you covered.

MobileIron UEM allows organizations to deploy mobile-centric zero trust security. Employees benefit from easy anytime access to corporate data on devices of their choice while IT teams benefit from seamless device lifecycle management with over-the-air onboarding, configuration, app management, security policy enforcement, and visibility - while maintaining user privacy.

Join us for this six-part webinar series that will provide in-depth guidance on topics such as…


Webinar Series Part 1:
Rapidly Securing Your Remote Workforce in Times of Pandemics Such As COVID-19


Webinar Series Part 2:
How to On-Board Remote Workers Over-the-Air for Both Corporate Owned and BYOD Devices


Webinar Series Part 3:
How to Enable Remote Workers With Secure Access to Cloud and On-Premises Apps Across Any Device


Webinar Series Part 4:
How to Automate Enrollment of iOS and macOS Endpoints for Remote Workers

Webinar Series Part 5:
Zero Touch Enrollment of Android Devices for Remote Workers


Webinar Series Part 6:
How to Protect Your Employees From Mobile Threats and Attacks

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Jay Bhansali

Product Marketing

About the author

Jay is a member of the global product marketing team at MobileIron and is responsible for Access - MobileIron’s cloud security portfolio. Prior to MobileIron, Jay worked at Cisco and has close to ten years of enterprise security experience, working with organizations ranging from start-ups to large multinationals, helping them secure their networks, devices, and cloud services.