The Secure Choice vs Jamf: Why MobileIron for Mac Security and Management

Freedom of choice drives new Mac use cases

As more employees choose Macs over PCs courtesy of flexible BYOD and CYOD initiatives, Mac use cases continue to expand. Once viewed primarily as the device of choice for those in roles such as graphic design, video and audio editing, UX design, web development and other heavily creative areas, Macs have charmed their way into almost all departments that fuel enterprise organizations today. As a result, Macs now support a wide variety of workflows, many of which require regular access to sensitive customer and employee data, as well as IP that enables organizations to carve out and maintain competitive differentiation. The days of loosely supporting Macs, and leaving users to largely fend for themselves with help from friends, family and user communities is no longer good enough. IT must up their game when it comes to Mac security and management and MobileIron can help.




Today’s digital workplace and why Jamf falls short

Of the Mac management point solutions available today, Jamf is among the most popular due to its  scripting capabilities. And while MobileIron enables use of scripts as well, there is much more to Mac security and management. In addition, there are few enterprise organizations that are 100% Apple shops, so Jamf is addressing only a small subset of endpoints for which IT is responsible. Today’s digital workplace consists of a variety of desktop and mobile endpoints that move freely between secure corporate networks, unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots and a plethora of cloud services that help to drive productivity - many of which IT is likely unaware of. Unlike Jamf, MobileIron enables organizations to fully-embrace digital workplace transformation by making it possible to adopt Macs for today’s expanded use cases, while also ensuring the desired levels of security, manageability and the best possible user experience for all users - whether they choose Android, iOS, macOS or Windows 10 devices. Let me take just a moment to share a few key reasons that MobileIron is your best choice for comprehensive Mac security and management. I’ll then tell you about a great webinar series we have lined up so that you can learn even more.


Unification reduces complexity and cost

MobileIron is a single point of security and management for macOS, iOS, Android and Windows 10 endpoints. This means that you can reduce costs and complexity by eliminating the requirement to purchase a point solution to secure and manage Macs separately from your other endpoints. Heterogeneity is the norm in today’s digital workplace. MobileIron enables you to dial-in the balance between security and freedom that supports your organization’s desired security posture as well as the user experience that keeps workflows humming along.


Support desktop modernization initiatives

Attracting, hiring and retaining talent today can be challenging. And for today’s new hires the freedom to choose between Mac and PC, (as well as Android and iOS) is the expectation. New hires expect that they will be able to leverage the tools they are most familiar with to minimize the learning curve and ensure that they can become as productive as possible, as quickly as possible. MobileIron enables you to confidently and seamlessly onboard Macs into your organization, without sacrificing security. MobileIron enables secure user choice by providing support for Mac use cases throughout all stages of the device lifecycle, including provisioning, configuration, security & control, application deployment, monitoring & compliance, and end-of-life.




Provide a better user experience

Accelerate productivity by getting users up and running, over-the-air, in minutes with help from Apple Business Manager (ABM) and MobileIron. Instantly create and push configurations to Macs — no user action required. And as briefly mentioned earlier, MobileIron allows admins to run scripts with either elevated or standard permissions, as well as run scripts and store specific results back into MobileIron Cloud UEM. Plus, script scheduling enables the convenience of running scripts on a recurring basis. Enable users to stay productive and happy on their favorite devices thanks to MobileIron’s secure, flexible authentication options including zero sign-on (ZSO) or multi-factor authentication (MFA). It’s worth noting that MobileIron UEM offers a single, per-app VPN that can be leveraged across all devices. In addition, MobileIron enables admins to ensure that data from common cloud repositories such as Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, or any service that supports SAML 2.0, is only available to verified users on authorized Macs, and only when they are using a designated app. And finally, MobileIron delivers the same intuitive experience across all user devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.


Sound interesting? Take this opportunity to learn more!

As we have discussed, enterprise users are rapidly switching from PCs to Macs, which is great for productivity, but creates a complex security challenge for your IT organization. There is no need to manage Macs with expensive point products, which leaves them vulnerable to attacks, visibility gaps and security risks.  MobileIron enables you to holistically manage all your Mac endpoints as part of our comprehensive UEM platform. This means you can secure Macs with the same robust security features you use to protect your Android, iOS, and Windows 10 endpoints. Find out how!

Interested in learning more about why MobileIron is your best choice for securing and managing Macs? Register for our upcoming webinar series!


Matthew Law

Product Marketing Manager - Mobile Security at MobileIron

About the author

Matt Law has more than 20 years of combined experience in tech product management, product marketing and sales. Prior to joining MobileIron as a product marketing manager for mobile security, he served in similar roles in the areas of high-performance computing (HPC), backup and recovery (BAR), continuous data protection (CDP) and desktop virtualization.  A Florida native, and graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa, Matt migrated west via Colorado, and now resides in Southern California with his wife and two children. In his spare time, he enjoys outdoor activities, loud guitars and open chords.