The Next Horizon of the incapptic Connect Journey

The incapptic Connect journey started when the Lufthansa Group asked us to develop an automation solution for code signing mobile apps. The MVP went live in 2015, and over the years, helped Lufthansa Group scale their app portfolio to over 300 apps (but that’s a story for another day 😀).

In those early days, the product was quite limited in functionality. It did what it was supposed to do really well, but it did not include the robust functionality that today we consider part of the core product.

An example of such functionality is UEM integration. Today, we integrate with UEM vendors like VMware Workspace ONE, Microsoft Intune, and of course, the MobileIron UEM platform. These software integrations empowered non-technical app owners from business units to publish new versions of their apps, in a matter of seconds.

Again, this functionality was not included in the original version of our product. Once an app version had been automatically signed for distribution, UEM operators then had to login into our solution, download the new release, and manually upload it into the UEM console – needless to say, there was room for improvement.

Despite some shortcomings, we were getting traction in the market. One large MobileIron customer we met told us that while our product is great, they were looking to achieve full self-service capability and eliminate the manual steps. To achieve this functionality, they were willing to work closely with us to make it happen.

This was lucky for us, because as a startup, you can have all the best ideas in the world, but – to paraphrase Steve Blank (or actually Graf von Moltke) – most of them don’t survive the first contact with the customer. It was also our first opportunity to work with the great people over at MobileIron. They helped us to deliver the first version of the integration, saw the massive potential of this solution, and helped us gain visibility in the market through the MobileIron Marketplace.

From there, we set off to add more features, more integrations, and help more customers across all types of different industries. Throughout all of this, we were closely aligned with MobileIron and continued to expand on our partnership. Today, we are super excited to take our partnership to a whole new level by officially joining the MobileIron family. We can’t wait to get started!

Dr. Rafael Kobylinski

Dr. Rafael Kobylinski

Founder of incapptic Connect

About the author

Rafael founded incapptic Connect in 2016, after identifying a painful enterprise IT problem during a consulting engagement for the Lufthansa Group. Before quitting and starting his journey as an entrepreneur, Rafael was Manager System Engineers at Apple, where he had the opportunity to help large IT organizations to integrate Macs and later iPhones. At Apple, Rafael’s team was responsible for the technical enablement and pre-sales activities with Apple’s reseller channel and key enterprise and education accounts. Rafael has a PhD in Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich (TUM).