Summer 2015: Powerful New Capabilities Drive Mobile Enterprise Security and User Privacy

The summer product release introduces powerful new capabilities that protect enterprise data in the app, in the network, and in the cloud. The shift of the modern enterprise to mobile and cloud has forced a rethink of enterprise security fundamentals. Now MobileIron allows enterprises to accelerate mobile adoption and business transformation while effectively protecting enterprise data no matter where it lives.

MobileIron Visual Privacy provides transparency to employees:

Mobile is very personal. We all have so much personal information on our mobile devices and it is no surprise that many employees are a little apprehensive when registering their devices with an EMM platform. MobileIron Visual Privacy lets employees see exactly which data their company can view and which actions their company can take on the device. This capability is built into the MobileIron app and displays which data on the device the company can and can’t access and which actions the company can take. Transparency drives trust. MobileIron Visual Privacy now allows companies to narrow the trust gap between them and their employees. Employees have peace-of-mind and this accelerates their adoption of new mobile enterprise services and BYOD programs.

MobileIron Tunnel protects data in the network with multi-OS app VPN:

User privacy is a key element of the mobile model. However, privacy extends to the network as well. IT must secure traffic from enterprise apps without capturing traffic from personal apps. This fundamentally changes the network security model from device-wide VPN to more intelligent and granular app VPN. MobileIron now extends MobileIron Tunnel from iOS to Windows Phone. This is designed to allow any app from the Windows Phone Store to use MobileIron Tunnel for secure connectivity at the app level. The IT administrator effortlessly sets certificate and VPN configuration settings behind the scenes, making enterprise access seamless for the employee.

Support for the latest OS versions across Windows 10 and Android for Work:

Windows 10 is now here and the massive convergence is on.  Every single device in the market today will be upgradable to Windows 10. Devices running Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 will all receive the Windows 10 upgrade. This marks a huge shift for mobility as even traditional-looking devices will be running on a mobile management infrastructure. Any MobileIron customer currently running Windows Phone 8.1 can seamlessly upgrade to Windows 10 with their EMM configurations intact. Another key development is support for Android for Work across both the MobileIron on premise and cloud EMM platforms. We are now able to support enterprises who wish to roll out Android L devices at scale and secure and manage enterprise data on these newer Android mobile devices.

MobileIron Help@Work now offers better remote diagnostics for Android mobile devices:

Everyone has had the frustrating experience of trying to fix something on their mobile device for hours. Trying to explain the problem to help desk staff can be a difficult and time consuming experience, leaving the IT Administrator and the user frustrated. Now Help@Work extends support to Android devices (in addition to iOS) allowing end-users to ask for help with a click of a button and to share their screen with a help desk agent. Users can access Help@Work from anywhere in the world. And, not only can the agent review view the user’s Android mobile device screen, but they can take remote control of the device and troubleshoot the issue directly. Screen sharing and remote diagnostics enables users and help desk to have simple, effective, and fast resolution of problems. And the enterprise lowers operational and help desk costs while keeping users productive, anytime, anywhere.

Abby Guha

Director, Global Product Marketing

About the author

Abby Guha is a 20 year veteran of the tech industry. Before joining MobileIron in 2014, she worked extensively in product and corporate marketing across the enterprise apps, security, and cloud computing spaces in companies such as Oracle, EMC, RSA Security, Nokia, and Symantec. In her current role as Director of Global Product Marketing, Abby develops messaging and positioning for MobileIron’s enterprise mobility management solutions, creates a wide array of sales and customer-facing content, and oversees the complete go-to-market initiatives that bring product to market and subsequently drive success through the right channels. Follow Abby on LinkedIn.