Sometimes You Just Have to Be “Certified”

Certifications are important. If given the choice between two folks (in any industry), the one with certifications will always be given a deeper look. Certifications convey a level of trust. If someone has taken the time and the effort to go through the certification, you know that they have a commitment to something you care deeply about and security is no exception to this. This is why we have so many CISSPs floating around.

As you may have noticed, MobileIron has reached a milestone for one of the most critical certifications that exist for mobility in the public sector: the NIAP Protection Profile for an MDM solution -AND- we are also “in process” for delivering a FedRAMP accredited cloud-based mobile security solution. As you know, “cloud and mobility” are like peas and carrots so it would stand to reason that the certifications that we have been focused on live in these two worlds. I would say we have been very focused on these certifications. While to the layman it might look like these things popped up overnight, I can tell you that they represent, in all cases, years of blood, sweat and tears from all levels of the organization. From upper management (our CEO's original sign-off & Ajay & Suresh’s full throttled support), through the product & engineering teams, all the way to the sales, marketing and support folks. Very few were left untouched by this massive effort and it shows an uncommon commitment to “the mission.” Uncommon because, as anyone who has worked for a Silicon Valley company knows, few here truly understand what it takes to deliver commercially available solutions to the public sector. For this, I/we have many people to thank and now.. we all (those same people included) have hard work to do.

Certification isn’t the end state. It’s just the beginning. It allows us to accelerate conversations because of the inherent level of trust, but it doesn’t preclude us from having to deliver “best of breed” solutions to our customers. A wise mentor of mine once said, “C&A is just the hunting license, you still have to shoot straight and bag the buck.” Luckily for us, Mobileiron is “best of breed” when it comes to mobile enterprise enablement and we have the best solution to help public sector agencies realize their mobile vision.

Sean Frazier

Chief Technical Evangelist - Federal at MobileIron