• Some of the Most Innovative Companies Use MobileIron

Some of the Most Innovative Companies Use MobileIron

October 01, 2015

In the report titled "Managing PCs, Smartphones and Tablets and the Future Ahead," Gartner states that:   

"By 2020, smartphone security and management architectures will dominate the endpoint computing environment, while traditional PC image management will decline except on dedicated appliance-style devices."

This validates what we at MobileIron have been pioneering for years, that is, modern mobile operating system architecures are fundamentally more secure than the desktop ever was, when deployed in conjuction with a security platform like MobileIron.

This unstoppable trend is rapidly impacting the market and causing some major changes in the technology landscape. In 2015 alone we have seen the following major events:

Android for Work

Google has stepped up its effort to make Android enterprise-ready with Android for Work, furthering their commitment to the modern mobile OS architecture by requiring EMM in the back-end.

Windows 10

Microsoft followed suit, requiring EMM to secure and manage Windows 10 devices, from mobile form factors all the way to desktops and laptops.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft entered the market with Intune and, although they are still not in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites, this move demonstrates the importance of the EMM market today, as well as into the future. This year Microsoft even joined both the MobileIron and VMware user conferences on stage.


Apple has become increasingly vocal about the importance of the enterprise mobility market, first with their partnership with IBM for enterprise mobile apps, then with the announcement of the Mobility Partner Program (MPP) in which Mobileiron plays a special role with our OneTouch product initiative.

Market Consolidation

BlackBerry acquired Good to strenghed their multi-OS solution and buy a slot in the leaders section of the Magic Quadrant.

What Matters is Customers

All of the above, combined with the inherent complexity of a multi-OS world, has created some confusion in the market. At MobileIron we stay focused on giving our customers the security platform that they need to trasform their business with mobile technologies. What rises above the noise is the amazing number of our customers who are willing to go on the record talking about the value they get from MobileIron.

In the last 18 months alone we have had 71 customers featured either in a formal case study or in the press with solutions ranging from BlackBerry migration (a classic) and mobile content management, all the way to business transformation through the secure rollout of mobile applications.

We are very proud of this prestigious list and strongly encourage our prospects to see what these great Mobile First companies are doing to turn mobile into a competitive advantege.

Advantage Sales & Marketing (US) case study about giving field personnel secure mobile access to corporate resources and training (professional services)

AGC (Japan) case study (in Japanese) about using MobileIron to migrate from BlackBerry (manufacturing)

Arup (UK) case study and press release about a creating a multi-OS, apps-driven Mobile First company (professional services)

Astellas (US) video about choosing MobileIron (pharmaceutical)

Bank J. Van Breda & C° (Belgium) press release and case study on BlackBerry migration and mobile banking with MobileIron (financial services)

Bausparkasse Mainz (Germany) media story, press release, and case study about mobilizing apps and sales portal for financial advisors (financial services)

BBVA (Spain) case study on mobile apps for business transformation (financial services)

BG Group (UK) media story about moving to mobile and cloud computing (energy)

BOS (Germany) case study and media story (in German) about making workers productive on a wide range of mobile devices (manufacturing)

Brussels Airport (Belgium) case study about multi-OS BYOD deployment using MobileIron, including their approach to privacy, apps, and BlackBerry migration (transportation)

CaixaBank (Spain) case study and media story (in Spanish) about rolling out 20,000 Windows phones with MobileIron (financial services)

Camden Borough (UK) media story about improving productivity with BYOD and CYOD (government)

Center for Young Professionals (Switzerland) case study CIO.de media story and media story (in German) about replacing traditional study materials with Samsung Galaxy tablets for all students (education)

City of Arvada (US) media story about using MobileIron’s app store to securely distribute 200 apps (government)

City of Fremont (US) media story about giving police officers secure access to applications and documents from the state justice department (government)

City of Redlands (US) case study on mobilizing a police force (government)

Clackamas County (US) case study about moving off of laptops (government)

Continentale (Germany) case study about using MobileIron and AppConnect partner Acronis for secure access to content (financial services)

Crossbridge (UK) case study video about deploying MobileIron Cloud with EE (professional services)

Deltek (US) press release about rolling out a BYOD program (technology)

Denso (Japan) case study and press release on launching a BYOD program in Japan with MobileIron (manufacturing)

Dürr (Germany) case study, press release, and media story about securing 2,500 Windows Phone devices with MobileIron (manufacturing)

Eli Lilly (US) media story with Box about their deployment of 20,000 iPads (pharmaceutical)

ESG (UK) press release and media story about reducing compliance reporting time by 90% with MobileIron (professional services)

Equinix (US) case study about using MobileIron app store (technology)

Helvetia Insurance (Switzerland) case study (in German) on mobilizing Notes with MobileIron (financial services)

Ingram Barge (US) case study about moving key business processes from desktop computers to mobile devices (transportation)

IT.Niedersachsen (Germany) case study, media story, and press release (all in German) on integrating MobileIron with SharePoint and back-end services (government)

KDRS (Germany) media story and case study (both in German) about using MobileIron in the public sector (government)

Kindaifuzoku (Japan) case study (in Japanese) about the school’s new 1:1 iPad program for high school freshmen (education)

Japan Airline (Japan) case study (in Japanese) about deploying 7,000 iPads to flight crews (airlines)

Lidl (Germany) media story (in German) about using iPads and apps to transform how stores are managed (retail)

M-net (Germany) case study about migrating from BlackBerry to multi-OS with MobileIron (telecommunications)

M/A-Com (US) press release about migrating from BlackBerry to multi-OS with MobileIron (manufacturing)

Macnica (Japan) case study on securing Office365 and Box with MobileIron (technology).

Mitsubishi Fuso, Daimler Group (Japan) case study (in Japanese) about equipping sales people with iPads (manufacturing)

NASDAQ (US) video case study about their mobile productivity strategy with MobileIron (financial services)

Needham Bank (US) webinar, case study, media story about delivering improved customer and employee experiences with agile, efficient technologies (financial services)

Nemours (US) webinar about a healthcare organization embracing mobile app innovation (healthcare)

NHS Human Services (UK) media story about Aruba/MobileIron integration for BYOD program (government / healthcare)

NIBC (Netherlands) webinar and media story on mobile banking and content management with MobileIron and harmon.ie (financial services)

Novartis Japan (Japan) case study about replacing PCs with iPads (pharmaceutical)

PCL Construction (Canada) press release on identity and Cisco ISE integration with MobileIron (construction)

Peterborough City Council (UK) media story about achieving Public Services Network compliance while implementing BYOD (government)

Press Association (UK) case study, video, media story 1, media story 2 and media story 3 about picking MobileIron on Android for mobilizing journalists (media and entertainment)

ProSiebenSat.1 (Germany) case study, media story (German), and press release about choosing MobileIron for certs, apps, and SCCM integration (media and entertainment)

Queensland Police (Australia) media story about increasing the size of the planned mobile rollout for the G20 meeting (government)

Regal Cinemas (US) press release and media story about transitioning from radio frequency technology to iPods running mobile apps (media and entertainment)

Rosendin Electric (US) press release and media story about building apps to mobilize the company’s business processes and supply chain (construction)

Shiseido (Japan) case study (in Japanese) about deploying 11, 000 iPads to beauty consultants nationwide (consumer goods)

Sky Broadcasting (UK) case study and press release about freeing salespeople from their desks and using MobileIron for EMM and SSO (media and entertainment)

Skylark (Japan) case study (in Japanese) about giving restaurant managers around the country iPhones to manage the store and employees (retail & hospitality)

Slagelse Municipality (Denmark) case study about the MobileIron end user experience (government)

Snap-on Business Solutions (UK) case study on building mobile solutions for a network of dealers using MobileIron (manufacturing)

Standard Life Group (UK) press release and case study on mobile apps and content strategy using MobileIron and Deutsche Telekom (financial services)

State of Indiana (US) case study and media story 1 about helping thousands of state employees provide better service to taxpayers (government)

St. Joseph Health (US) case study about securing thousands of iPhones and iPads so caregivers can update employee charts in the hospital or when performing a home visit (healthcare)

Stradwartz Unna (Germany) case study (in German) about consolidating on MobileIron (financial services)

Swiss Life (Switzerland) media story about migrating from BlackBerry to MobileIron (financial services)

Swiss Re (Switzerland) case study about choosing MobileIron for multi-OS BYOD (financial services)

THV Group (Belgium) case study, press release and media story (in Dutch) about the company’s BYOD program to increase employee satisfaction by delivering easy access to productivity apps (manufacturing)

Thompson & Knight (US) video case study on deploying a mobile content strategy with MobileIron (legal)

Thomson Snell & Passmore (UK) case study and press release on world’s oldest law firm implementing content and apps strategy with MobileIron (legal)

Toyota (Japan) media story (in Japanese) about developing secure camera solutions for the iPhone (manufacturing)

TX Logistik (Germany) case study, press release, and media story (in German) about migrating from BlackBerry to MobileIron / Samsung KNOX (transportation)

UniCredit (Italy) case study about transforming banking across 20 countries and giving iPads to Private Banking consultants so they can provide more personal service (financial services)

United States Department of Agriculture – USDA (US) media story about measuring EMM ROI for MobileIron (government)

Varian Medical Systems (US) case study and press release about how they chose MobileIron and how they integrate MobileIron with Aruba, ServiceNow, and SharePoint (medical devices)

Williams (US) media story (Wall Street Journal) and press release about using MobileIron for its IoT and mobile app strategy (energy)

Zurich Insurance (US) article on mobile apps strategy (financial services)

Thanks for reading!

- Vittorio

Vittorio Viarengo

Vittorio Viarengo,

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