On the Shoulders of Giants: Apple Record Quarterly Earnings Sets Pace for MobileIron

With over 80% of our more than 13,500 customers implementing mobility programs on Apple devices, we’re always interested to to hear how Tim Cook and Luca Maestri position Apple’s recent activity. In its Q1 2017 call, while no specific revenue was attributed to enterprise sales both Cook and Maestri mentioned the mobility partner contributions to Apple wins and opportunity pipeline in the enterprise.

“Companies like Toys "R" Us, Coach, and Kate Spade are using iOS and Apple mobility partner solutions to dramatically transform their customer and employee experience.”

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These comments reflect that customers’ mobile deployments are becoming mainstream and sophisticated; increasingly critical workflows are being executed using cloud services with native apps and Apple iPhones and iPads.

As an Apple mobility partner and the stand-alone EMM leader, everything we touch has to do with mobility. Our own Q4 2017 earnings reflected more and more customers are implementing MobileIron’s EMM solutions. And our latest set of published case studies demonstrate Apple devices are the primary choice for business transformation.

  1. Accessing cloud service like SAP Hana from native mobile apps is providing competitive advantage for frontline workers

    With MobileIron, Munich Airport employees have mobile access to many web and SAP applications; enabling staff to process and approve electronic invoices on their Apple iPhones and iPads.

    "With MobileIron, FMG can generate cost savings by processing and approving invoices on mobile devices," says Walter Englmaier, Head of Accounting at Flughafen München GmbH (FMG).

  2. Moving well beyond email for knowledge workers, customers are implementing business transformation with access to backend services and apps

    Brother Industries uses MobileIron with iPhones and iPads as its standard in-house mobile devices to provide support for work outside of the office.

    "Being able to access in-house systems and file servers has made it possible to seamlessly perform simple tasks on mobile devices, even on the go," said Masaaki Hibino, Group Manager, MIS Dept. "Especially for managers, it's very nice to be able to carry out workflow approvals when not at our desks."

  3. Customers are creating all new mobile-only business offerings

    Synfis Service and Support team has completely replaced their PCs and Notebooks with mobile devices, consisting mainly of iPads and iPhones as their primary devices.

    “We’re constantly working to minimize the time spent on on-site administration,” explains Kai Pfeiffer, synfis’ head of process and IT management. “Our staff should devote as much of their time as possible to getting the job done, and it should be carried out at the same level of quality regardless of who’s doing it. We want to enable them to work entirely on mobile devices throughout the work process.”

Clearly there is a direct link between Apple’s success and that of its mobility partners. Both Apple and MobileIron announced record revenue and billings respectively, this round. Often it’s Apple’s partnerships with traditional enterprise players IBM, Cisco, SAP, and Deloitte that grab press and analyst attention. Most recently, in Network World, Bob Brown referenced Apple and IBM’s 200+ deployments of its iOS app for enterprises. However MobileIron’s track record of 13,500+ customer base along with the 100+ other participants in the Apple Mobility Partner Program, presents a compelling business case for the contribution of Apple’s broader set of mobility partners, to its expanding enterprise footprint.

Fran Thorpe

Director of Business Development, Strategic Partnerships

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