Security, Passwordless Authentication and Open Ecosystem are Key Reasons To Select MobileIron over Microsoft

Continuing on the topic of why customers choose MobileIron to solve Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) use cases, this blog discusses Zero Trust Security, Passwordless Authentication and an Open Partner Ecosystem as three additional reasons.


1. Demand all-in-one zero trust security

Today’s modern digital workplace is more dynamic than ever before. Business data is available on a variety of devices, apps, networks and clouds, including those your organization doesn’t manage.  You need a security platform that will protect your data the ways it’s being accessed and used—no matter where it is, or who owns the devices and services involved.


Enter mobile-centric, zero trust security

When secure access is determined by a “never trust, always verify” approach, that’s mobile-centric, zero trust security. It requires verifying the device, user, apps, networks and presence of threats before granting access—with constant enforcement.




MobileIron helps transform your device into your secure ID, enabling secure access to the enterprise. These critical capabilities lay the groundwork for the expanded business use cases that Intune can’t support.


Microsoft falls short today

A. Unable to address key security and compliance requirements

Government organizations and many regulated industries have stricter security and compliance requirements that they must meet. MobileIron supports the following certifications that Microsoft currently does not support:

  • FIPS 140-2 validated container CONTAINER
  • Common Criteria for MDMP V3.0
  • CCN-ENS, Level High

B. Full protection with privacy

Our per-app VPN provides a clear distinction between personal and work by surrounding only corporate apps, not employees’ personal ones. You get to secure access to corporate apps and services—on-premises and/or in the cloud—on iOS, macOS, Android and Windows 10 devices. With Microsoft you need a separate VPN, requiring additional dollars and third-party vendors to provide this capability.

C. Activation and protection against Mobile Threats

MobileIron’s on-device, MobileIron Threat Defense is automatically activated when it’s enrolled for 100% adoption. Microsoft Defender is available, but the end-user/admin must activate it, resulting in elevated risk.

D. More device, threat and network signals

MobileIron provides a more robust conditional access for a zero sign-on experience with minimal friction to the end-user experience. It looks at many additional signals such as user, device compliance posture, app posture, network, threats and more before granting access.


2. Eliminate passwords today with Zero Sign-On

The number of systems and apps businesses use is on the rise—each requiring its own secure authentication. Relying on passwords is not only frustrating for users, but a burden on IT. Passwords are also notoriously insecure. MobileIron combines zero sign-on capabilities with a mobile-centric, zero trust approach that automatically validates every user, device, app, network, and threats before greenlighting access —without requiring a password.




Microsoft’s attempt at passwordless approach falls short.

  • Focused on the desktop, around limited versions of Windows 10.
  • Even though Windows Hello has been available since 2015, its adoption has been low as it requires companies to buy into a Microsoft lock-in strategy.
  • For macOS and Windows, Microsoft Intune requires a separate app to install, pair and register, which leads to a poor end-user experience.
  • Reliant on passwords for iOS and Android apps.


3. More technology integrations than any other UEM solution

No one vendor or solution can completely and securely address all the complex needs of today’s modern digital workplace. You need to choose the right tools and best-of-breed solutions to properly secure the way your employees want and need to work.




It’s critical that your security platform uses a standards-based approach and natively integrates with a wide set of IT systems that allows you to leverage your existing stack as well customize. Organizations that choose MobileIron UEM realize tighter integration that MobileIron has created with our over 385+ ecosystem partners, including ServiceNow, Splunk and many more.





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Girish Bhat

Girish Bhat

Vice President, Product Marketing

About the author

Girish leads the Product Marketing and Technical Marketing Engineering teams at MobileIron and is responsible for sales enablement, GTM planning and execution, pricing and packaging and customer engagement.

Previously, Girish held various roles managing SIEM, UEBA, authentication, compliance, VPN, DLP, IDS/IPS, mobile, SaaS, IaaS, virtualization, networking and network monitoring solutions at startups and global brands.