Secure Enterprise Mobile Adoption with Improved UX and Simplified IT Management

Accelerate Enterprise Adoption at Scale with Enhancements from Android and iOS

Mobile devices are becoming a catalyst in business transformation, and adoption at scale is becoming a requirement. Bulk enrollment capabilities such as KNOX Mobile Enrollment and iOS DEP streamline registration of corporate owned devices. In addition, MobileIron leverages capabilities such as Android for Work Device Owner and iOS supervised mode, providing organizations with an efficient and scalable mechanism to secure corporate owned devices.

Unified Management Platform for all Enterprise Devices

Windows 10, Microsoft’s newest operating system, is a converged operating system that works consistently across mobile devices, laptops and desktops. Windows 10 also introduced a common, EMM-enabled device management framework. This allows organizations to secure and manage all iOS, Android and Windows devices, including laptops via MobileIron - a single mobile security platform.

Advanced Monitoring Tools Help with Efficient Management of Mobile Infrastructure

Monitoring and reporting are essential requirements as organizations start to scale their mobile deployments. Advanced monitoring tools such as audit logging and MDM log retention, help organizations monitor their infrastructure efficiently and take timely action as needed. And with the MobileIron App for Splunk, organizations can easily measure and track compliance off their mobile devices to HIPAA, CJIS and PCI standards.

Jay Bhansali

Product Marketing

About the author

Jay is a member of the global product marketing team at MobileIron and is responsible for Access - MobileIron’s cloud security portfolio. Prior to MobileIron, Jay worked at Cisco and has close to ten years of enterprise security experience, working with organizations ranging from start-ups to large multinationals, helping them secure their networks, devices, and cloud services.