Scaling Mobile Adoption with Simplified Management and Enhanced Security

We are excited to announce the fall release of our products. This release adds new capabilities to accelerate enterprise adoption of mobile devices at scale, as well as significant advances in security and user experience. The new functionality builds on an already robust set of product features that help IT managers build the security foundation to transform their enterprises into truly Mobile First organizations.

Accelerate Enterprise Adoption

Mobile devices are driving business transformation across all industries. As organizations adopt mobile devices at scale, tools to enroll and manage them quickly and easily have become a requirement. In the fall release, MobileIron has added support for the Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment feature, which enables seamless bulk enrollment of Samsung KNOX devices. This feature, together with the iOS DEP feature that we added in an earlier release, gives organizations an easy and scalable way to enroll Samsung KNOX and iOS devices securely.

As mobile devices are increasingly used in business-critical workflows, organizations are adopting a corporate-owned device model,  which requires management of  the entire device rather than just parts of it. Enterprises can already to do this in iOS with the “supervised” mode supported by MobileIron.  In the fall release, MobileIron adds support for ‘Android Device Owner’ which will enables  organizations to fully manage Android mobile devices. This functionality not only bolsters secure management of corporate-owned Android devices, it also allows Android devices to be employed in fleet management use cases, where locked-down devices are running a single application, such as retail stores and kiosks.

Unified Endpoint Management

With the release of Windows 10, the latest version of its flagship operating system, Microsoft has fully embraced  EMM to secure and manage mobile devices, as well as laptops and desktops. In the fall release, MobileIron has added support for  Windows 10, which enables organizations to manage their endpoints using a single management platform. Organizations can use MobileIron to adopt a true multi-OS model and build a security foundation to manage all their enterprise devices - iOS, Android and Windows, regardless of device form factor.

Advanced Monitoring

As organizations scale their mobile deployments, monitoring and reporting of key activities become critical requirements. In the fall release, we have added audit logging and MDM log retention features that help organizations monitor their infrastructure efficiently and take timely action as needed. We have also enhanced our partner ecosystem by adding a MobileIron App for Splunk, which enables organizations to configure datatypes and forward them to Splunk in order to measure and track compliance to various regulations, such as HIPAA, CJIS, and PCI.

These are just a subset of the more than 60 new features in the fall release that enhance security, operating system support and usability.  For more information visit our website.

Vittorio Viarengo