Samsung Rewards Hits Phones, Android OS for India, and Kryptowire Discovers Data Leak

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Samsung Pay Adds Rewards Program for Transactions

Samsung released Samsung Rewards on Monday, a new program that rewards a user with points every time they make a transaction using Samsung Pay. The points will allow users to redeem gift cards, Samsung products, and more. Learn more about the new program on TechCrunch.

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Indus OS Building Android OS for India

A small startup, Indus OS, looking to localize Android for India, has begun working with local OEMs to sell smartphones using their operating system. Primarily, the company is actively working on partnering with Chinese and other international phone brands. Android holds the majority of the smartphone market in India, at roughly 88% of all smartphone sold in the region. Learn more on The Tech Portal.

Android Smartphones May Be Sending Personal Data Overseas

Security firm Kryptowire, has found that some pre-installed Android smartphone models may be sending highly sensitive data to a Chinese third party company. The leaked information includes text messages, call logs, users’ locations, and more. “The Department of Homeland Security was recently made aware of the concerns discovered by Kryptowire and is working with our public and private sector partners to identify appropriate mitigation strategies,” said DHS spokesperson Marsha Catron. The full story on cyberscoop.

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