The Samsung Knox Validated program: Confidently deploy and secure Samsung devices on MobileIron UEM

Everywhere, organizations are ramping up their remote work programs faster than ever before. As a result, they need easier ways to get secure, work-enabled devices into the hands of remote users at scale, without adding more IT overhead and complexity to the deployment process. Increasingly, enterprise users are relying on the Samsung Knox Platform for enterprise-based products and services to configure, manage, and secure devices together with MobileIron UEM.

With Knox Mobile Enrollment, users can quickly get their devices up and running through this zero-touch service that enables IT to quickly enroll Android devices in a UEM platform like MobileIron. Best of all, IT admins don’t need to physically access the device, which is critical in today’s mass work-from-home era. As soon as the device is registered and configured, the user simply has to turn it on to walk through the fast and easy setup process. In addition, the Knox Service Plugin (KSP) plugs into the MobileIron console to provide advanced security and management with zero-day support for the latest Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) features without needing any additional integration with MobileIron.

Now the Samsung Knox Validated program makes it even easier to confidently deploy Samsung devices on MobileIron UEM. Samsung’s new validation program thoroughly tests UEM, EMM, and MDM solutions against Samsung devices to ensure all of their capabilities work as expected, which greatly reduces uncertainty for IT admins. MobileIron is thrilled to be a founding partner of this new program.

The Samsung Knox Validated program was launched in May 2020 as part of the Samsung Knox Partner Program. This program makes it even easier for customers to confidently choose an EMM, MDM, or UEM provider like MobileIron that fully supports all of Samsung’s latest security and management features and products. These solutions are fully verified and endorsed by Samsung as having implemented the latest key features of Samsung Knox products, such as Knox Platform for Enterprise and Knox Mobile Enrollment.

So what does that mean for our customers?

Our participation in the Samsung Knox Validated program gives you an extra level of confidence. While Android maintains a vast partner ecosystem, the Samsung Knox Validated program puts vendors in a whole new category. Our collaboration through this program ensures that customers are getting a hassle-free, end-to-end deployment solution that includes Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Service Plugin. You can choose vendors knowing that device procurement will be fast and easy, and you can also ship fully configured and secured devices to remote workers at home so they can start working as soon as they power on their devices. All with no IT intervention required because Samsung and MobileIron have done all the work for you.

In this era of unprecedented change and disruption, and with so many users dispersed around the world working on various networks and devices, MobileIron and Samsung are working hard to help customers eliminate the complexity of global device deployment and upgrades — so mobile users can stay productive wherever they work.

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Brian Foster

Senior Vice President of Product Management

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