Samsung doubles down on the enterprise

With Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, its latest additions to the Galaxy S lineup, introduced at Mobile World Congress, Samsung is illustrating that it remains a key player when it comes to Android in the enterprise.

Samsung is no stranger to enterprise mobility

Samsung is hardly a stranger to enterprise mobility. Two years ago, the company announced its KNOX security platform, which incorporates a range of hardware and software features that deliver a highly secure package and is available on many of Samsung mobile devices. Although the most-often discussed feature of KNOX is its secure data container, Samsung also offers a range of hardware and OS-level features that ensure a device hasn’t been compromised, as well as a range of enterprise-focused management features. With last year’s KNOX 2.0 release, the company added an array of additional security and management capabilities.

In February, MobileIron announced AppConnect for Samsung KNOX which leverages KNOX’s APIs, and combines KNOX enterprise-grade device security with MobileIron’s robust ecosystem of business and productivity applications. This offers IT an integrated end-to-end solution to configure, secure, and manage both personally-owned and corporate-provided Android applications and devices.

What’s different about the Galaxy S6 Phones?

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 phones take enterprise expertise and credentials that the company initially developed around KNOX and expands on them in significant ways. The first of these is, of course, KNOX itself.

The next, and more significant, is the device, which comes pre-loaded with key business and productivity tools that will fit nicely into virtually any enterprise environment. This is likely to appeal to mobile professionals, for who mobile devices have become critical business tools. It is also likely to appeal to IT and security professionals looking to deliver a high-end Android experience, while also enabling users with the best productivity tools, while also maintaining a highly secure environment.

Also important, particularly from an IT perspective, KNOX Mobile Enrollment allows IT admins to setup a large volume of KNOX mobile devices easier and faster for work.  This process, intended for corporate-owned devices, allows IT administrators to automatically bulk enroll company-purchased devices quickly and easily. For IT departments looking to quickly enroll and deploy devices, this is a significant feature.

Doubling down on business and enterprise needs

Samsung’s moves with both the device itself and with the new KNOX Mobile Enrollment show that the company is focusing very clearly on the needs of business users and enterprise IT. The focus on key business apps illustrate that Samsung is focused on helping users get work done as quickly and easily as possible on mobile as well as providing the ability to collaborate across desktop and mobile platforms.

Including KNOX Mobile Enrollment as an option for this newest device, and potentially other Samsung devices, illustrates that Samsung is actively looking at the needs of enterprise IT departments and trying to streamline IT processes related to Android as much as possible. MobileIron will be offering a feature demo of the Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Although this combination of technologies has positive potential for almost any organization, KNOX Mobile Enrollment, combined with KNOX, offers very clear benefits for organizations that want to standardize around Samsung for enterprise mobility. Companies in regulated industries, government, and others focused in areas where security and privacy are paramount, are obvious customers. Organizations where devices are used in a kiosk or user-neutral manner such as retail and field service are also excellent candidates for the combination of device, KNOX, and bulk enrollment.

MobileIron announces immediate EMM support for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

As part of our partnership with Samsung, MobileIron is announcing immediate support for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge phones when they are available later this year.

Ryan Faas