Rethink Security Podcast: MobileIron Security Labs Dream Team

On July 30, I attended Black Hat in Las Vegas with fellow MobileIroners - Rob Jerdonek, Senior Staff Software Engineer; James Plouffe, Lead Solutions Architect; and James Saturnio, Senior Solutions Architect. We dive into the highlights of the conference: Pokémon Go, Android malware, cloud, end user responsibilities, and more. Listen below.


David Schwartzberg

Sr. Manager, Security & Privacy for MobileIron

About the author

David Schwartzberg, CISSP, GMOB, is Sr. Manager, Security & Privacy for MobileIron. He has 23 years of information security and information technology experience. Specializing in mobile device management and security, David works closely with technology executives and security professionals to help them protect corporate secrets and remain compliant. In his spare time, he co-founded Hak4Kidz,, and has blogged for Dark Reading, Naked Security and Baracuda Labs. David has spoken at conferences including: RSA, ISC(2) Congress, Black Hat Arsenal, BSides, Converge, DerbyCON, GrrCON, OWASP AppSec, THOTCON and Wall of Sheep Village, among others. You can learn more about David from his Linkedin profile and follow David on Twitter @Dschwartzberg to see what he has to say on the industry and conferences.