Privacy Shield Challenges, Windows Vulnerabilities, and National Cybersecurity Issues

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European Commission’s Privacy Shield Challenged

In July, the Privacy Shield, a new set of rules around transferring personal information belonging to the citizens of the European Union to the US was introduced. This mandate required US companies provide stronger protections for Europeans’ personal data. Moreover, this also required the US Department of Commerce and the Federal Trade Commission to enforce data privacy violations.

This week, French civil liberties campaign group, La Quadrature du Net legally challenged the Privacy Shield claiming that the agreement did not provide sufficient protection around Europeans’ privacy. This is the second challenge since the Privacy Shield was put in place; Digital Rights Ireland, another civil liberties group, had filed a similar challenge back in September.

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Windows Vulnerability in Latest Versions Revealed

Early this week, Google’s Threat Analysis Group discovered a vulnerability in the latest versions of Windows. The vulnerability is actively being attacked by malware threats. Terry Myerson, EVP of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group, announced that a patch is on its way, targeting the vulnerability. Myerson also encouraged Windows customers to upgrade to Windows 10 to protect themselves from future threats. Windows 10 with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Detection users are protected. More details on the vulnerability on Ars Technica.

Research Shows Wi-Fi Networks Expose IMSIs

Researchers from University of Oxford’s Department of Computer Science have recently discovered that Wi-Fi networks can now be used to trick mobile devices into exposing their IMSI numbers. An IMSI, international mobile subscriber identity, is used most commonly in tracking identity and location, intercepting calls, and more. The full story on CSO.

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