Podcast: The Impact of iOS 10.3 on the Enterprise

Russ Mohr, Cloud Evangelist at MobileIron, and Aaron Freimark, founder of GroundControl, discuss what is under the covers of Apple’s new iOS 10.3 release. Listen as they weigh-in on the new features, and assess their impact on enterprise deployments.

Speakers: Russ Mohr, Cloud Evangelist at MobileIron
Aaron Freimark, CEO and Founder of GroundControl

Russ Mohr

Director, N. American Carrier and Channel Sales Engineering at MobileIron

About the author

Russell Mohr is a 20 year veteran of the tech industry. Before joining MobileIron in 2012,  he worked extensively in sales, business development, product marketing, and engineering for companies including Lucent  Technologies and Blackberry. In his current role as a technical director of our channel and carrier team,, Russell helps customers solve challenges and devise strategies using MobileIron’s best in breed EMM and IoT solutions. He is a regular speaker at MobileIron and partner events and frequently publishes blogs, white papers, and podcasts. 

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