Part III: MobileIron and Microsoft – Better Together

Mobility is a Tier 1 service that requires Tier 1 security and reliability. If mobile goes down, your CEO knows right away. MobileIron is a best-in-class security and enablement platform for modern work. We establish a zone of trust around endpoints and clouds so everyone can work easily and effectively from anywhere. MobileIron integrates with Microsoft Intune App Protection to set additional security controls for Microsoft Office 365 apps. Intune is a complement, but not a security substitute, for MobileIron.

This three-part blog is my perspective on how MobileIron and Microsoft are better together, including our integration with Microsoft Intune. My opinions are based on publicly available and third-party data, customer and partner feedback, and ongoing analysis of Microsoft’s actions. Part I of this blog discusses how MobileIron and Microsoft Intune App Protection work together to secure Office 365 apps. Part II discusses the advantages of MobileIron over Intune as a unified endpoint management (UEM) solution. Part III describes the role of MobileIron and Microsoft in a broader enterprise strategy.

We are making MobileIron the fastest and more secure way to deploy Microsoft services. Our ecosystem philosophy is different than Microsoft's, but our solutions are complementary. MobileIron is highly committed to working closely with Microsoft to make Microsoft services incredibly successful for our mutual customers.

MobileIron beliefs

  • Choice computing is here to stay. Modern enterprises will run multiple operating systems, devices, apps, identity providers, and cloud services. There is no single-stack enterprise.
  • A future-proof security architecture must support choice computing. It must never be biased toward a particular stack.
  • Getting locked into a stack restricts the ability of business users to tap into innovation.

Perspective on MobileIron

  • MobileIron is a best-in-class platform for modern security and enablement.
  • MobileIron is independent. We believe in choice. Our mission is to provide the security foundation for modern work by securing any device, app, identity service, or cloud our customers choose.
  • Our interests are tightly aligned with the interests of our customers.

Perspective on Microsoft

In March 2018, Microsoft merged its Windows engineering team into its other engineering organizations. Windows is central to the Microsoft Modern Workplace strategy. I don’t think that making macOS incredibly secure, for example, is in best interests of that strategy.

  • Microsoft is best-in-class for productivity services, identity services, and cloud infrastructure.
  • Microsoft’s business model is to sell a stack, and so its security model will be naturally biased toward Windows, Office 365, Azure Active Directory, and other Azure services.

MobileIron and Microsoft together

  • Use your vendors for what they do best.
  • MobileIron is committed to giving our customers the best and most secure Microsoft experience. And we’re committed to giving our customers the best and most secure non-Microsoft experiences as well, because that is the reality of the modern enterprise. We integrate deeply with Azure Active Directory, Office 365, Microsoft Intune, Windows 10 and other key Microsoft technologies.
  • While MobileIron and Microsoft Intune do compete, they are increasingly complementary solutions that our customers will deploy together. MobileIron will be the UEM of record in those customers because of the depth and breadth of our security and management capabilities (see below). Intune will be the policy interface to Azure services.

Microsoft has a vested interest in securing Windows, Office 365, and Azure. As Microsoft says, Windows devices are the “best way to experience Microsoft 365.”

MobileIron has a vested interest in supporting choice. All MobileIron customers want Windows, Office 365, and Azure to be secure. But those customers ALSO need Android, Chrome OS, iOS, and macOS to be secure. They ALSO need Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Workday to be secure. And they know that their business needs are going to continue to change rapidly in the future. They need a future-proof, modern security strategy.

That’s why MobileIron and Microsoft are better together for our customers.

Any information concerning products and services other than MobileIron’s comes from public and third-party sources. Although we believe it to be accurate, we have not independently verified it and we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

Ojas Rege

Chief Strategy Officer

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Ojas Rege's perspective on enterprise mobility has been covered by Bloomberg, CIO Magazine, Financial Times, Forbes, and Reuters. He coined the term “Mobile First” on TechCrunch in 2007, one week after the launch of the first iPhone, to represent a new model of personal and business computing. He is co-inventor on six mobility patents, including the enterprise app store and BYOD privacy. Ojas is also a Fellow of the Ponemon Institute for information security policy. Ojas has a BS/MS in Computer Engineering from M.I.T. and an MBA from Stanford. Ojas is also Board Chair for Pact, a non-profit in Oakland, California that provides adoption services for children of color and their parents.