Office 365 Ransomware Attack and the Growing Use of Biometrics

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Latest Ransomware Attack: Office 365

A Cerber attack that lasted more than 24 hours, hit millions of Office 365 users on Wednesday last week. The phishing campaign ceased when Microsoft began to block the ransomware. Cerber attacks typically involve email attachments that contain infiltrate documents with macros that will encrypt users’ files (i.e. photos, videos, docs). If a user enables the macro, the embed code finds its way into users’ PCs. Avanan, a security firm that protects Office 365, Box, Salesforce, and other cloud apps, reported that more than half of its customers using Office 365 received an email containing a corrupt file attachment.

Unlocking Biometrics

The password may be old news, as more and more organizations are looking to finger, face scanners, and other biometric tools to protect accounts. NYTimes reports: the nation’s largest banks are now turning to biometrics to avoid cumbersome password submissions. For instance, select Wells Fargo customers can now use their mobile devices to scan their eyes and log into corporate accounts that involve million-dollar transactions. Tom Shaw, Vice President for Enterprise Financial Crimes Management at USAA says, “We can’t rely on personal identification information any longer. We believe we have to rely on biometrics.”

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