NEW iOS 10 Public Beta and Microsoft Privacy News in France

Courtesy of The Guardian

Another iOS 10 Public Beta Release Dropped

Momentarily after a third iteration of the iOS 10 developer beta was released, Apple dropped another public beta of iOS 10 available for download. The beta includes a Siri update with many third-party integrations such as ride booking, VoIP calling, messaging, and more. We have a couple more months before the iOS 10 release in the fall, but the beta can be downloaded on Apple’s website for the Apple Beta Software Program.

Microsoft Privacy News in France

French officials have requested the tech behemoth, Microsoft, to refrain from collection of any excess user data or any web browsing of users on Windows 10 without their consent. Previously, a “Safe Harbor” agreement had been in place to allow some US companies compliance with privacy laws to protect European Union and Swiss citizens; however, the European Court of Justice invalidated the agreement, saying the “country does not guarantee adequate privacy protections."

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