Modern Mobility Solutions Bringing 60% Cost Savings to Singapore Retailers

Mobile Centers of Excellence and big budget app development projects are clear indicators of the bet large enterprise are placing on Mobile and Cloud to drive business growth. But at the other end of the business spectrum, the 50M+ small business globally actually stand to gain the most from this wave of technology transformation. Traditionally, technology and the IT overhead has been too expensive, time consuming or inflexible to address the needs of the smallest business. This means any incremental improvements in ease and simplicity like those offered with Mobile and Cloud can have immediate and meaningful impact to top and bottom lines of small business.

This insight is the impetus behind the latest collaboration between MobileIron, ISVs, and our reseller partner, Newstead Technologies, in Singapore. Our starting point is a well documented truth: whether for business or personal use, people love using well designed apps on Apple devices.

The result is a unique mobility business package for retail shops designed to address 3 specific concerns:

  1. Get started faster: Package of easy to use and integrated business applications which are needed to efficiently run retail business from POS HR and Staffing, Accounting links to Bank Accounts
  2. No training required: Delivered on the latest Apple mobile devices
  3. No IT overhead: IT-less setup and management. iPads are ready for business as soon as they are turned on

Now, at a fraction of cost, time and effort of traditional solutions, a small retail shop can be up and ready for their first customers in a matter of minutes. And even better, they are able to easily adapt their technology investment as their business needs change. A huge competitive advantage over their larger competitors who are locked into older, less dynamic systems and hardware platforms.

The package is known as BizSmart, Singapore’s first cloud-based, integrated productivity solution. It enables small businesses, especially those in the retail industry, to handle their administrative work more efficiently. BizSmart also integrates and manages on their behalf, back office processes such as payroll, accounting, inventory and resourcing. For a start, UOB customers would benefit the most from the BizSmart solution as it is also the only solution that gives small businesses a direct feed from their UOB operating accounts. This enables them to reconcile transactions, such as purchase orders to suppliers and daily takings, with their bank statement in one simple click, on a daily basis.

The BizSmart solution comprises five applications: retail management (Vend), employee scheduling and leave (Deputy), payroll automation (HReasily), accounting (Xero) and security (MobileIron). The system integration is done by Newstead Technologies. With BizSmart, small businesses can benefit from cost savings of up to 60 per cent, as compared with using multiple software programmes which cost more when purchased individually.

“As retailers face challenging concerns in the market which varies from hiring and retaining manpower, managing costs and keeping their share of customers, many SMEs have been exploring various methods to ensure that they stay competitive in their line of business, says Mr Leon Tay, General Manager of Newstead Technologies, Enterprise Division. "This is why Newstead Technologies has worked with our business partners to launch a cloud-based integrated business solution - BizSmart. Created with SMEs in mind, BizSmart aims to enhance productivity, leveraging the power of mobile devices and to reduce costs for retailers in the short and long run. It will also assist them in improving their business processes, allowing owners to focus in creating strategic business decisions.”

Helping people with big dreams and the determination to realize them is core to MobileIron’s vision of unlocking human potential and accelerating business velocity. Gartner has pointed out our key strengths have been scale and thinking through the security and infrastructure requirements for the largest of business across all sectors including Government, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Retail. With this latest initiative, we can are pleased to bring innovative Mobile First solutions to all tiers of business.

Fran Thorpe

Director of Business Development, Strategic Partnerships

About the author

Business is both science and art. The right mix of both determines whether a project is funded or a brand becomes a movement. Over the past 15 years I’ve successfully blended science and art to develop go-to-market strategies for mobile sea changes. I led the charge in mobile with apps, messaging, search, maps, and now with security. 

I build strong working relationships with internal stakeholders and external partners. Together we achieve business success. I led the digital team that launched a messaging service that grew from 0 to 20 million users in under 18 months. I identify key features that go from obscure to the product launch headlines. I open new routes to market that result in millions of dollars of revenue.

I am fascinated by what’s coming next. The ability to map content to context, accelerating decision making - human or automated. And at the same time, balancing privacy with the quest for more data. Autonomous driving, digital assistants, smart homes, the revolution has started. It’s an exciting time to be in the revolution-making business.