New VR devices flooding the enterprise? We’ve been here before.

With the recent release of Oculus for Business, companies of all sizes will have yet another way to streamline and expand virtual reality (VR) in the workplace. With all of these new VR, AR, and MR technologies flooding the market, it’s clear that they will soon become a staple device for enterprise users everywhere. Consider the massive productivity advantages for tasks like employee training in simulated environments, immersive meetings that realistically connect people around the world, and virtual design experiences that enable clients to visualize projects in 3-D.

Does that scenario sound familiar?

If you’re old enough to remember when smartphones first made their way into the enterprise, you might remember how much it was like the Wild West. There wasn’t much order or discipline to onboarding those devices. Users frequently shared all kinds of confidential business files through unsecured devices, apps, and networks in a way that would make any security professional cringe in horror today. Back then, IT really had no way of knowing what users were doing with their personal devices, much less controlling or managing their activities.

Thankfully, the world of secure enterprise mobility has evolved due in large part to unified endpoint management (UEM) leaders like MobileIron. Now IT can easily and securely onboard any kind of device, whether it’s Android, iOS, macOS, Windows 10, and now VR devices like Oculus Quest and Oculus Go, through mobile device management (MDM) and BYOD security.

The devices might be new, but we’ve all been here before. And we’re ready for the coming VR wave.

MobileIron recently announced our support for Oculus for Business, which means you’ll be able to onboard and configure your VR devices just like all of your other mobile devices today. You can securely manage them as part of your broader UEM infrastructure and simplify the entire device lifecycle — from enrollment to retirement.

We’re excited to help our customers embark on a successful VR journey by working closely with Oculus ahead of their program launch in November. In the meantime, learn more about MobileIron UEM here.

Vikram Jayaraman

Senior Product Manager

About the author

Vikram Jayaraman manages strategy and product roadmap for Android at MobileIron and works closely with customers to deploy and secure Android devices with MobileIron UEM products. Before joining MobileIron, Vikram worked in Cisco and Egnyte defining strategies for products in IoT, Cloud Storage and Network Management.